Musketeer 43rd Challenge - DDay

a writing by Denis Barter

To Richard, William, Samson, Nishu, Andy and today, Jacinta,I had mistakenly thought I had replied to the various comments which several of you had posted, but in the melee of my summer garden work and essential construction - large garden shed, greenhouse and lately, a 250 ft. crazy paving patio and front entrance path - which today, is slowly coming to fruition, it would seem, I had not. For this lapse of good manners on my part, I apologise and ask for your indulgence and forgiveness. Truly this past three months have been hectic to say the least, and days, weeks - even months, have been a time for much physical effort (and some very sore muscles at times) on my part. However, slowly my work schedule and load grows smaller, as various projects are completed, and I hope soon, to return to a daily perusal of the VN site. Still numerous chores to finish, but much will depend on the weather as even more severe thunderstorms and rainy days are forecast until arrives. Belatedly I thank you one and all for your comments. It was your latest comment Jacinta that drew my attention to my omission. Thank you both for your comment and taking the time and trouble to do so. Doubtless I've missed other comments I should have acknowledged too, which will require more apologies on my part. Shamefaced, I will now slink away. Fondest regards. Ciao Denis.

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