We Live in Time of Deep Regrets.

a writing by Denis Barter

Musketeers 46th Challenge As Issued by Alan Brown.

This blog of mine is simply an observation of mine which many of my friends share, and with which I hope others of the same mind will agree. We may live in a world of deep regrets, but there is also another side to the equation, and this may just be one that keeps me feeling optimistic, despite all I see happening around me today!

Having lived a goodly number of years in many different locations, my wife Pauline, and I retired to this country retreat in 1996, where we hoped to live out our final days in peace, quiet and harmony. This after residing in many different locations and, for myself at least, in many parts of the world! Always one who suffered from wanderlust and an itchy foot, I began life in the small country hamlet (six houses) they called Chebbard. Have never known from whence it got its name?

After a seven year (plus) hitch in the Royal Navy wherein I travelled to the Middle and Far East to serve my country during the Malayan Communist crisis and the Korean War, I then married. So began a sixty year exciting and interesting journey with the girl of my dreams. One who was briefly met, but one who came willingly to join and support me wheresoever fate, or destiny, chose to send us. A journey on which we have travelled to numerous lands in the Western Hemisphere. North America - coast to coast to coast: South America - Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and many of the Caribbean Islands up to the Bahamas.

Our journey in the land we call home today - namely Canada - has been extensive inasmuch as besides our taking vacations and discovery trips across this huge but varied land, on many an occasion, fate also decided we should keep moving and settle for a brief period, in numerous varied locations - mainly Manitoba and Ontario. For a period of about six years, we were constantly moving: barely having time to unpack and put our feet under the table, when circumstances changed, and we moved yet again. Wanderlust was a chronic influence on our lives until we grew tired of travelling, with, by now, additional baggage - namely three children who, incidentally, proved to have inherited that very same wanderlust, as my wife and I had enjoyed - that we took root in one spot, never moving again until some 23 plus years had passed.

When our last and hopefully, our final move came about, we chose our present rural location in which to retire, and where today we remain some 18 years later, enjoying a busy, less stressful life, accepting what the day brings; indulging in our garden hobby as well as the pleasures of poetic freedom, which the Internet offers. By being a Member of several poetic websites, we (my dear wife shares my passion) have found and enjoyed the company of many with similar tastes and likes. A hobby which has brought many pleasures and rewarded us with friendships, that were denied us before the onset of the computer era!

Although we had hoped our new neighbours would be found similar in life style to ourselves - more of a ‘retiree’ community than a fast paced, ever bustling, younger populated neighbourhood, as such, it proved to be anything but, as one by one, the original members of this small hamlet - my life has come full circle, inasmuch as there are seven houses here, instead of six as was Chebbard in which I grew up - have moved away to care homes or locations closer to amenities and requirements they find they reqire.

However this area in which we live is populated by a larger percentage of older ‘retired’ folks than any other in Ontario and I believe, Canada as a whole! This being said it is also evident that many of those living here, besides being of advanced years, also make up a community of long-married couples! Weekly our local newspaper carries details of couples celebrating a lifetime of marriage from 25 years to the latest celebrated, of 72 years! Now that’s a goal I would be proud to attain! Incidentally, my wife’s Grand Parents were 72 years married when they finally left this earth! 60 years and more have been regularly recorded in both of our families, with others having reached 70. With the possible exception of my youngest son, it is not an achievement to be attained by my own children I regret to say.

One of my greatest pleasures in life is to meet and get to know others who have been blessed with a long lasting union, that has survived and thrived despite all that life has thrown at them! Hardships have been faced, endured and overcome, and united they have emerged stronger and more determined to make it a lifetime achievement. Such as Eddie and his much loved wife, May, are not only to be commended for their forbearance of ‘faults’ they may have found in one another, but for going forth into the unknown ahead, with optimism. Further reinforced and bolstered by their loving family! Such relationships, are becoming rarer today, as we see the younger generation, flit from one relationship to another, with little thought for their later ‘dotage’ years, and the loneliness and heartache that lies in store for them! Too late, then comes the time for assessment and regret! For today’s grasshopper attitude, I see little but pain and loneliness as their harvest!

Sincerely. Ciao Denis.

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