Who, what, why and when are you motivated?

a writing by Denis Barter

When I am browsing through the titles of poetry, posted on VN, no matter what form they might take, I am often bemused as to what triggers the author to write on the subject they did? From whence comes the spark that says.. “this is a topic about which I have strong feelings, and wish to put before other members?”

Do some become inflamed with injustices they read about? Is it a scene seen, when out walking in the woods or alongside a stream? Is it a feeling of extreme pathos when someone is spotted trying to survive against the odds? Yes, of course there are thousand of reasons why we feel as we do, but writing poetry of any shape or form, must have a passionate reason - leastwise, so I think - for a poet to devote time and effort, to pass along a message, or thought, they’ve had!

Who is subject to ideas that trigger a humourous or silly rhyme, that we hope will bring a smile to the face of the reader? What of those poems that have the reader convinced your subject is of one matter, only to add a devious ploy that sees the last line(s) divulge your true intent? One I employ myself at times, but difficult to” bring off” with panache and flair that sets the poem apart, from the mundane!

How many of you dream and once awakened, feel a desire to put the content of your dream into a poetic piece, for they feel there’s a message they must impart, despite it not a factual event about which they write? What of those moments when the pain and suffering of a friend or loved one becomes such a burden, that you feel it is your need to write and empty your mind, for you find by so doing, it helps to ease the anguish and frustration you feel? Anger too, can be a trigger for your emotional tirade in verse!

As for myself? Truly most of those reasons listed, have at one time or another, spurred me to write a poem. Some take days to compose - others mere minutes - all are dependant upon the intensity of my feelings! Laughable spoofs are some of the most difficult I find to write, for their construction has to grasp the reader’s attention: have them fully immersed into what “they” think is your aim, and then? Wow! Not what they thought! Much of my poetry is written in the hope I can pass along a little of the knowledge I’ve gained in my 84 plus years or, I can convince others I know more than I really do! Successful at times! Lol!

I’d be delighted to find out what excites you? Whomsoever you might be, wheresoever you might live, what frequently motivates you to write a poem? I wait in hopeful anticipation - Ciao Denis aka Rhymer.

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