Hours of Darkness

a writing by Adeosun Olamide Ayo

What Ramsey needed do was turn the door knob’ yet he did as always done, kicking and punching the poor door that now is almost out of frame. As he intensified the knock’ he intensified his scream’ “You bitch I know you in there, come get this goddamn door so I might not your take your eye but bruise you a little’ you hear you bitch’ I am gonna knock this goddamn door and come get you” he screamed on.

Eve is quiet attentive and usually frightened, it’s never taken that long for her to get the door’ usually, nights like this’ she stays awake, awaiting his arrival. He needs help, he needs me; she will say when her friend, the doctor stitch her bruise. Eve now was use to Ramsey upsetting behavior and had accepted her cross’ hugging it so diligently.

After awhile of kicking and banging the door’ Ramsey began recovery from the liquor, he shook the door knob and it opened a sudden that he almost fell inside.

It was not just only what seem unusual to Ramsey that was strange, aside the absence of his wife’ other things were strange, but these other things eloped Ramseys gaze’ there in place of his food was a letter on the table, there was this odor that seem like blood, the darkness and the breeze unbalancing the stillness of the house as it took the curtain on a swing. All these were strange but Ramsey thought toiled just one’ the absence of his wife. His fist still firm as he came by the rooms, like a bull’ he journeyed on to the kitchen, then the toilet.

She wasn’t in the house, now his fist was beginning to melt into shiver. What would he without her? She was his life, the reason he is still a man.

There, by the stairs’ Ramsey sat staring, it was difficult to say now if he was thinking or feeling sleepy for his eyes still blur, but that shiver still was when suddenly the phone rang’ he was quick to it’ Eve; he said as he quiet the tone the phone gave’ “Eve, where are you? Just come home’ Ok”; he spoke on’ but then in fact at the other end was the doctor, her voice deep and pungent, “Ramsey! Are you there? Can you hear me?” She inquired, and then she told of his wife who was in her hospital, inviting him to come over.

Now Ramsey still holding the phone to his ear could perceive the odor of blood’ this could after seeing the stain on the white curtain.

Knowing really, how unwell things were’ he rarely could conceal or change his shirt that reeked of liquor’ quickly he grabbed the key, leaving the door open’ he hurried in to St. Augustine Hospital’ the radio has only uttered 2 AM when Ramsey silenced it.

“Where is she, where is my wife?” He inquired from one of the nurses who ignored him and rushed along, as he bothered around a while, he saw the nurse return’ now he inquired more than just with mouth, as he but furthered by holding a grip to her shoulders’ staring in her eye, the nurse could but imagine the madness’ “is it she, the one with the girl?” She asked of him. Ramsey hardly could hold, he lost his grip over the nurse and put his hand to his mouth.

Just hours’ back, he had been to the toy shop to get a teddy for his daughter, it was as he returned from a section with the therapist who’d been helping with his drinking problem. It was her birthday and she had requested a teddy from him just the morning before. Ramsey running into full remembrance now saw the doctor just then.

How’s she? He muttered together as the doctor looked at him as if so mere, this perhaps a result of the liquor she perceived when he spoke’ she then nodded her head in disconcert without uttering a word’ she never had a liking to Ramsey’ he is but an animal in humans thick, a beast undeserving of no good’ she would say and she thought as she led way to the ward where Eve was.

There, Eve’ who in tears pointed his attention from her to a bed where lain his daughter.

Her eyes shut and her hands firm, Ramsey rushed to her side. “I am here sweet, open your eyes and look what I got you, I have your teddy in the car, you always wanted hide and seek, get up, come home and lets have many of that” he spoke to her as he held her hands. “Why? She seem cold” he talked to the doctor who but nodded her head gently sideways while the lower flesh fold around her mouth shoot forward and tears strive to blink her eye, she turned away.

In a moment there was silence which suddenly Eve ruptures “where were you Ramsey?” She inquired tearfully’ “can’t you see she is dead? Ramsey, you drank her life away, she’ll never run to your arms again or hold you when you leave…”She continued tearfully.

Ramsey held on to his daughter’ his eyes red as he called to her softly’ “I am here now baby, daddy is here’ open your eye, I will never leave your side baby…”his voice filled the silence only to be sidelined by Eves scream’ “you killed her! You did you murderer! You killed my daughter’ she dead’ can’t you hear you bastard! She’ll never hold you back when you hit me, she’ll never play with your beards.

There stood, at the door a figure trying so hard to conceal feeling, it was she, the doctor trying hard to withhold her laughter but soon failed at suppressing it as it escaped out’ Ramsey caught in the grip his daughters passing could hardly spare attention out of grief, tears graced his cheeks while he hid his face in his hands.

She was blinking her eye while tears poured Ramsey cheek, suddenly she spoke’ Dad, this will happen again when you miss my birthday or come home late.

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