From The Souls Teaching

a writing by Adeosun Olamide Ayo

I come to see tomorrow, I come to see someday, one says and another follows, both say my words were not mine, to them I say they never were. And when they say further that its being said years before, yet again I do not disagree for it has been said when this soul dwelled in that body.

It is my learning that all men be it complete or half man, all possesses reasoning but only few are given the serene milieu to have it thrive, this few are unknown. For we, the desires of flesh kills the savor of mind’ while also man comes to be burdened by responsibility to them whose path, he journeyed to existence and also to them who nurtured him to death.

The seek for power dwell in all of us, to have if only a minimal dominion over another, but truly not all of us for that would be untrue. So I put rather, the drive for power dwells in some while seek for sexual gratification resides in others. And this both, come be as result of what made us, perhaps violence (Rape) or lust perhaps.

Ab initio we all are born with reasoning, that is suppressed by seek for power to seek of sexual gratification and even to the hunt for what is called knowledge. These all devours our true ability to consummate logical and illogical creations. So, myself I put further do not disagree when you say my words were not mine for they were all ours, it but escaped due to my searching.

Many die without searching the within, many become deaf to the voice of their soul. All men possesses thought but few give it chance to live, all that is, is the fragility of our flesh that eases and unease this.

A man can only grasp what madness controls his being after embracing recovery, and it is on this path to recovery I seek, yet each moment, I am in conflict with the other line of sanity. For seclusion, isolation, interaction with the perceived not necessarily the touchable are tests I must pass but then I dwell with my own most potent enemies.

Of mans most potent enemies, the flesh seems to tower ‘bove all, rising in heightened shadows. His sanctity, his sacred soul raped by bodily desires that enslaves him.

His being ensnared to carnal yearnings, that soon renders him dependent, helpless on this venom, which birth his animalistic nature… this bestiality bestrides his sacred soul, causing it to reflect a most corporeal nature. And this shatter his soul into pieces soon blown away, replaced by sullied sweetness.

The body shelters the soul or rather imprisons the soul against its will. I am a prisoner of this flesh that must clean, wash and tend its need. The body seeks to be accepted and so I must mask this falsity it seeks, taking concern away from within, giving all to the outermost.

But now I have become a being, and accepted my body but I would not spend all my years beautifying the outside while the inside lay in disarray.

I think just about, for so we are image of God, a lifeless, inert portrayal of His perfection, but like all images lacking life. It is thus only our soul that has the touch of God and we must tame our body to become prisoner of our soul, when we do, we become gods over self.
God has neither bodily desires nor sexual cravings; it is that which sustains His imperfection.

The soul is part of being; the other is the body,
The soul thrives through the joy of the body,
And the being can only attain true happiness when accepted
Yet you say, purification should be given more to the soul than the body, I think purifying the body is purifying the soul, when we look beautiful, it gives others joy, when we are healthy, we have strength to cater others need, when as you put it we satisfy our sexual impulses, we are merely pleasing God, I do need clarity as regards the purification of the soul for I think when the body is purified the soul is cleansed.
Let me begin by clearing this, the body of the being is the soul, the other is flesh. Flesh implies earthly desires, pleasures. You can slake the thirst of the flesh by feeding your soul, but you cannot quench the hunger of the soul by feeding your flesh. If the soul is sanctified, the flesh glows on its own. When you look beautiful, it gives some joy, some envy, some hatred, but if you are beautiful rather than looking beautiful, it is that which gives joy. I say you are beautiful, when your soul is beautiful, I say you look beautiful, when your flesh is radiant and this quickly fades. The flesh is made weak by its own food, but made strong by the soul food. Let your flesh long for the soul, rather than the soul longing for the flesh.

From your teachings, you seem not to believe in love, you call it lust, you said we come as a result of violence (Rape) or lust, but I beg to disagree, sexual gratification is of the soul, and sex itself is purity. It is the bond; a soul creates to attach to another. I can say even, it is this sexual gratification that gives you voice, my question is how would you disagree with me?

I am not here to disagree with you, but to commune and understand your perspective; I would like to share a piece of art with you.

I come to ask myself if truly I know the meaning of love,
If truly I understand the thorns that surround its delicacy
If truly I see the thorough journey I must take to attain it
If truly I see the burden it gives
I come to ask if truly’ I am right in saying I love you,
Or maybe it is just that mere flip of lustful desire
And seeks to say some days I had her

I rarely can tame my wild emotion,
I rarely can endure fire for you,
I rarely can wait in the rain for you
or go around a mansion to find you,
or go deep seas,
or follow you to the beyond like Romeo,
but Romeo, was he not made by Shakespeare?
You see’ I am made by cells or perhaps God,
I can’t love like Romeo,
he is not real,
and what about jack, the one who died for rose,
must I die to be called a lover? Like Christ, whose love sheen in his tomb…
I am unlike them but I can say from my lips I will do anything for you,
even extreme pains but I question truly if that comes from my heart,
I should and if I can’t, then I know not what I speak when I say I love you.

I wonder if some days your knowledge wanes,
Your beauty fades
I wonder if that day I’d love you still.
For truly, I may say I love your heart but ask,
Would I still love if you lose sight or leg
Will I still walk you and carry you and love you more…
And cook our food, and clean your mess happily?
For if I can’t, I do not love you,
I have merely a dying fondness of you

I have come to see love mean responsibility since when last we talked,
I have come to see it entails sacrifices,
To give my joy for yours,
To kill and be imprisoned to have you fine
To ignore the scream of the world to hear you whisper
To reject the world and hug you
I come to ask myself if truly I can
I think I am, I can
But thinking I am and can don’t mean I will
For desires change

That, proceed to your question, love is defined as a feeling, an affection for someone and yet love is also used when you have intercourse with another, this misuse of love is only due to fleshy desires. The soul perceives love in a different meaning, mortals are not capable of love, what the flesh does is engage in selfish illogical act all in identity of love. You are attached to several persons, from your childhood through adulthood, and all them you come to love or hate, you don’t have to be lovable to be loved. To love is to overcome the flesh, to be able to sacrifice the one you love for the one who despises thee, hate you. And no soul can attain this, so affection is a better word for the emotion you have to your spouse and to your kids.

‘’ God has neither bodily desires nor sexual cravings; it is that which sustains His imperfection’’ that is the last expression you gave.
You mean to say God is perfect or you indeed propose He is imperfect? And that said, it is mine to think God only can be divine, not we. We cannot be God.

It is pertinent to us that you are listening, grasping each word spoken, and this you have help establish through your question. Now, that is just a simple test for you, for God is perfect not imperfect as said. We cannot be God over others, over all things, over the world but we can be god over our being, over ourselves, our thoughts, over our world.

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