The Test Of The Bull

a writing by Kenneth Randall Hall

1804Hrs 03/12/2007


Some time ago in a field, grazed the Bull. The field had the greenest grass, the cleanest

water, and the most beautiful flora. The Bull took pleasure in all the field could offer him,

and he did not take it for granted. He also took much pride in all the things he was given.
One day, the time came to move to a new field. The Bull did not want to, but circumstances took

the choice out of his hands. The Bull never forgot the field.
Even as weeks and months went by, the Bull could not forget how much the field meant to

him. The field he had now was not as special as what he had, but he appreciated it. Deep down

inside he wished he was back where he was happy. There was nothing better.
Sooner than later, the Bull found himself much older, and still not happy. Still, he

never forgot about the field. Eventually the barrier that bound him to his place fell into

disrepair, as things often do, He decided to leave the thing he knew, for the thing he

remembered. Joyfully, the Bull found the field was even more beautiful than he remembered! He,

at last, was happy again!
Not long after, the Bull, being content, laid down in the shade under the largest tree in

the center of the field, next to the lake, for a long nap. In dreams, he remembered the events

that shaped his life, and was at peace with all his decisions. The Bull's life had finally come

full circle. He never awoke from his sleep, but he was happy in his final moments, and was in no


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