From the Ubiquitous Vigilante

a writing by Adeosun Olamide Ayo

Written- gently to save from like self, from hurt and especially- hope this change souls- for not merely touched would recompense or can atone deeds necessarily done which now evil seem- it is not total evil and not that regret forth- the thought even it still possesses company smile which was in course act- this act purely is what fire does hand- what spine does softness, what ice does blood- as said this chronicles be guide from foolishness and make thoroughly thoughtful of you in words, act towards others.

There- young, innocent in sweater waiting a hand to hold, for warmth, for hug, to vanish, there- marred within and out, in glasses afar from dust, damned from scent flowers, struggling to walk, exhausted and searching my burdens for this inhaler, there- slow in grasping, struggling to see and even struggling more to be observed, there- in harvest of healthy kids, beautiful and better-of all that I am not, there, I gently sprout.

My chaos- of birth, fault emotion over reason, fault selfishness- from beginning have hatred for them-that vessel in world, not mere absent love- hatred was and it blossomed within, its thorns sprouting my veins, its venom streaming in my heart, it was hatred- not for their emotions nor for torment they let grow in- but abandonment they bequeathed- this abandonment made of me- this impassive- which merely I narrate so won’t victim venom be.

Along blooming kids, gently sprout- their beauty reminding always of own fault, their acts always belling own flaw, along path cast apart which accompany from heaven above- was home- three years and exhausted joy in this newlywed- Wasn’t desire to exhaust others joy- was had none but pain, for could feel none and did not even seek to exhaust, were it choice’ I’d choose otherwise- so when company siblings came- joy came not self but them- and best way joy kept was put away- away from their joy. This act done series ways bound in verve attitudes- to confine, was shame had me- if blight gave hadn’t put in shackles bed, company friends hailing for dinner caused lock-up, other times- where occasion demand family company- was left behind.

Ambience latter gave was critical in who became, the solitude grew from depression to others and company found in books- and other times staring, staring just at nothing, my gaze for moment could be held by my frail fingers, the books- usually pictorial sometimes gave impress of who to be and how to be and so when finally I was given class- after denial session- it was considerately chosen- older in age- but trivial in mind they say- way about this judgment came, I have no idea for could read- not books but others and knew mind in experience what many haven’t through or tasted.

In class, I usually was silent, I resorted this’ when none heard voice- it is soft and low’ they say. Sometimes, I was in class same year after year with different class-mates until frequency to clinic stopped- it was due cure for the disease- it did at length, but couldn’t deeds its shades, the deeds had become a part my soul, a routine- part my life- I had no need for sweater yet dwelled in it, no need inhaler yet along with, no need glasses yet didn’t feel well without it- this caused the continuation of routine as if sick.

She was happier when cure came, that now I could be her child, but yet after- couldn’t gather joy from their conversations, would slip from their presence and lock self in room- with friends had before- it was strange sitting in table and her hugs. Now course of my nursery studies came brief- I had soon got in high school and it here my hatred found form, I put- came alive.

I found self be object joke, victim jest in St. Peters Memorial, did all could perfectly be left alone- sat in edge class and kept mute for most part yet wasn’t spared their attempt vexation- was reason their mock and one who made all them better- beautiful, even lowest amidst them considered self higher, but bothered little as experience infancy has shaped imperfectly my disregard of others.

At other edge class, was girl- with intent look, she’d stare in skies and all who passed, her attention so wrapped in focus seem- never smiled nor blinked eye while others languished in jest, she’ll roll her pen in hands and scrawl lines or dots on her desk- no one spoke to her and she none spoke.

I was spoken to, very well- was teased and disturbed but this she- no one touched, she became scene in herself- a show that lured her my attention and gently in her absence, I would bother on lines she smudged in her desk, they were with meanings knew- meanings I couldn’t fathom, this wasn’t what threw me at her company door, it was another, like that which draws magnet together- heard others whisper- she is dumb, I wanted know if was. It was gradual and terrible process, slow- because of who was, the first I spoke to her, she disregarded simply and did if wasn’t there, then as withdraw- she pulled hands and stared my face, I wondered what she looked, and if was supposed be scared but it all was lesser a moment as snatched hands forcefully from hers and drew away- that was union a many meetings, of sole partner, the first knew also was -she stutters, could infer from that moment for she wanted to reach words but had bothered and slowly followed her gestures.

Day followed, she waved at and I stared simply at her- then she was lost again from, I knew barely what wanted with her and had let be lost but she’d write weeks after- her name in paper she toss me, then she’d inquire mine, ask be friend and long a meeting with- this happened instantaneously and in end all, we were friends.

There wasn’t much talk in initial meetings, she didn’t make smile and I didn’t make her either, the moments were magical- she’ll roll up shriveled plants, grind them and make dust of them, she’d walk on a line, with her foot coming after the other, she’d pick stones and throw them deep in waters. By her side, I gently giggled, was nice having friend and was soon we poured our beginnings into others palm- what brought further together was her childhood- which similar mine but cut along shades and life. she spoke with no blink emotion of her mother’s passing, of her been HIV positive, of latter being parting gift from her mother, of her anger as kid and how grew she in isolation- only to end childhood with carefully and purposely transmitting virus to every who has hurt her- her father and siblings inclusive. It was believable for me, had gone through somewhat similar and knew that feeling- it wasn’t hatred, it was craving to be same and when can’t be others – make others’ you. She hated-the sympathy, to be treated differently, the drugs and disregard her father showed in bringing apart her from siblings for fear she’ll infect them. Her words were broken and as the conversation became intense, she stuttered more.

This brought her my side during class hour and even with figure in side, I still was object of jest- she hated this and carved my escape, we needed merely to make example and it was success this began.

At length, a certain boy, had after making name from ridiculing me, continued- there wasn’t prank he kept from hurting me and it was on him- hammer came. It was quick, we had through days of observing noted path he journeyed home- perhaps if had guardian pick up- he would evade justice. We hid in blanket of pretense to forth this deed, veiling face as seen in comics and becoming heroines we read about, it merely was supposed to be slight warning, we whispered- it was in most secluded part of his path, as he sight came, the twig in arm itched bit and stressed heart but I held twig more stern and counted my breathe as he hummed across- in moment, he was down, drowned in his blood, was instant, he neither screamed nor saw the face, we hurried away from the scene, awaiting news coming day, perhaps a fabric stripped around his head- one we both can jest of- and it came but were disappointed, he was missed by class and even my nerve could rest- jest this day was minimal and everywhere calm- the second day followed likewise pattern till third, when smoke deeds first jog, rumor his death- I was most surprised and my partner was indifferent, she went on her business with desk, some crying and this a leap of joy in vein brought, they were enemies and seeing them cry was magical, a feeling of ease. Others were angry and wouldn’t say word but stare sternly at them who tears mask cheeks with - “it is rumor!”- They screamed- were closest to him; he could not die without telling them.

Day after two nights, she announced passing Bryn Paul, she wept even as she spoke and I was happy she wept for she laughed also when Paul hurt feelings- she told we wrote an essay on him and as taught wept- I wish they all could weep on.
Myself and Jane were only who battered no tear, we held hands and giggled at deeds- as did- one caught glance and simply head shake- that gesture fated him- for took months before he could that head nod or neck twist and it was deeds along others that took ridicule and have left alone- now there was an enjoyment to it- one that hungered after goal attained- it appeared in dailies, we were yet with calm, silence and sober on surface that when attacks in St. Peters Memorial were investigated- was from inquiry excluded and even suggested on list students susceptible to attack in which- was first and last.

There, as advance a level to other, my relationship with Jane grew, she more deepened and pulled along in acts, sometimes- act demanded darkness and we wait on it, striking and injecting deserved venom to extent we sought- but all through, we only responded on gravest act towards us, there were some I disagreed with- within but we were friends and if leap her heart, it was duty, a foremost owned-one event I had disagreed on punishment to give- was of she who answered question Jane couldn’t, she was furious still and had muttered along answer when babbles laughter creaked in and overwhelmed- she chose still in proving knowledge the answer, but in anger grew it worst- her stammer.

It was Mary who called to bail her out and accept applaud she could have, Mary in her response had mimic Jane’s shame. Jane wouldn’t say of this until I forth the issue and there she kept mute still, she only invited to act and after deed did I realize it was Mary’s throat my knife had. We had hurried a shallow grave and muddled her in- was my hint that she be left in scene or thrown in water, but Jane had better reason she wouldn’t say, it was weeks after, learnt how severe Mary’s body got mutilated, her ears and limb detached from her, Mary would speak none of this and yet I understood her, she felt angry still at slight and pinched more image Mary she possessed.

Of self- kept gaze in depth certain figure, he pleasing to eyes and had thought in moment slight chance I could him to self- this chance’ although slight- won’t let lapse in nothing. So gently pursue the thought an end road- devoted time in attempt be noticed and succeeded herein- manner be noticed important for it was such manner notice maggot, before been noticed such, I had observed his attention drawn by girl called most beautiful in St. Peters memorial- she was hindrance and walked in manner couldn’t, was tall and had skin toned by cream’ and height by heels I am sure- this deterrent had inquired and insisted she no notice have him though satisfied by her assurance, I observed he was addicted still to her and when this on lingered, fear losing gripped Jane, she wouldn’t let, so as earlier intended decided remove obstruction, this did swiftly yet with suspicion, we had slashed her face a knife and made ogre of her- never again did one who interest me looked her way- was not long after, Jane got arrested by her virus, who wrestled her down and gave her clock, it was most sad losing her company and it was in this state I was ridiculed by him, he had called a maggot and spat in face, due absence Jane by side- I only could do brief and little to him, which was what we did Bryn Paul the jester, I learnt he survived and dwelled on in a mental sanatorium till left high school before which had returned to earlier state of without Jane.

Now married to Stephen, a kind fellow who worked always, first met at Jane’s burial, he took care of her grave, there was about Stephen that made him unique and not his deformity nor manner with which he spoke’ which wasn’t irritating along our dates- he’d draw spit to his beards and put two fingers while he bent his heads sideways, little knew of marriage but Stephen was ready for me, in consequent, I came to learn of his fortune, he was the only of a rich merchant- it wouldn’t be appropriate to say truth, that it was for wealth married and when I sunk in into his will, it took little to put him away, he much believed in my innocence and his father called holy, I was in fact holy Alice- and from experience as nurse- I ended torment Stephen as ended many patient who bothered my peace but in years had Stephen, there was not thing he wanted I didn’t give- he wanted nothing but I gave him lot-from pretense to lies and others, he wanted always be happy and was willing to find means attain this, I simply sought I be excused each night- to be with Tom, the macho one.

Tom was smart, I paid to have his tails within legs, and than self, he encouraged Stephens’s death, when observed Tom willingness to fate similar on me, he became third whose life I took, others, I merely made body uncomfortable and life left. To tom, after severing manhood, I tied up and watch him burn; there was joy I felt in his torment.

On and on, I dabbled in several relationships that bore marriage, some who were thieves like Tom and others who were less, who took advantage of what seem frail, of innocent glance, the last of them which is seventh happen be motivator this and indeed was loved by me, he wanted not my wealth and loved still only before marriage- he was violent with manner he handled door and wouldn’t want a pet, he demanded I change hair and cook for him- I had not even slight problem with these, only he instructed I did and when didn’t, his fist swelled my eyes- he apologized with flowers and other gifts but no matter how hard tried forgive him, I couldn’t- for heart was weaved already and whenever saw him wake by side, the hatred gleam- this hatred was heartened by his snore and his coming grey hairs, the night, the pillow was of essence and it was- that took his life.

I have been alone a year, no man my way, the other day’ I came this older man- wouldn’t marry he said after which I saw in dailies his marriage to a beauty queen’ I waited patiently in course which I forgot- only be reminded by a delivery in mail, inviting myself to celebration of birth, the day was chosen and I knew it could have been me’ so gently I sneaked in cover of night, maneuvered self in his complex and there saw the tiny baby smiling, she giggled and put fingers in hers, I deserve such baby, I thought and took her away. I heard and read in news of the lost baby, and I smiled each I heard.

She wouldn’t eat- crying all night, I’d carry and toss her around, put her my bosom and give her warmth, yet she’d cry still, I put breast in her mouth and call her to suckle but she wouldn’t and so decided to lend her manners- I left home and traveled a week, on return, she would cry no more, she came a peaceful young sweet angel and now was fat, her face swollen and she reeked odor, I had return her to mothers and it was as brought her, I heard later, she died. -That be fortnight tomorrow.

It seems I am been lodged with loneliness, and in inquiry with thought, it perhaps could be punishment for deeds done for which I hope this atone- that you be thoughtful in relationship with all, there seem noise from other room, it’s of woman, first it was kick, door slam and then cry, I shall go now to inquire what wrongs her and hope together we can an end find for it or him.

Written- gently to save from like self, from hurt and especially- hope this change souls- for not merely touched would recompense or can atone deeds necessarily done which now evil seem- it is not total evil and not that regret forth- the thought even it still possesses company smile which was in course act- this act purely is what fire does hand- what spine does softness, what ice does blood. As said this event be guide from foolishness and make thoroughly thoughtful in words and act towards others, for truly I could by side be’ noting your act and giving your coin.

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