Alice Curse

a writing by Adeosun Olamide Ayo

About gardens - like nurturing babies- innocent, conscious then revolt. Rose and daisy- indifferent- named from mood, enthused by characters endured in readings. Rose- shy one was’ would couple at suns warm and dim at gentlest caress breeze- was rose who did. Daisy dissimilar- style linger, dance, twinkle- colorful preferred touch. Both gave life purpose, to feed each morning- bathe and tidy. To bleeding heart- guard need less and was before rose and daisy. They all sprouted in deeds and gleam still atop.

There also- paints in walls and ancestral jukebox- selected orchestras hymned and tales acquaint- through deeds abode company- glorious now amid spider webs, rats- hither- yon, birds nest inn roof, iron- rust crave, roof- leak and dust realm, wind- course knew and sun- curtains leapt - all let will and let mine. Fruits also- sate worms within and water of earth spring- that course through taste slakes.

Life built, one done hard work, head work and patience. With two or one memory of childhood intact- one- I wouldn’t share and other is broken, were not- this would begin from childhood. I wonder if really need know what happened after or straight narrate deeds- for purpose mine only- I erstwhile choose- perhaps- don’t interest, find other- for this be birth relief only- not in seek approval- yet as all- shall lend strength.

A bowl porridge favorite was, came rare occasions- when Alice knew sick- wouldn’t cook, she’d drop oat on table and wander in seclusion. Her disease came often when height suspicious Jude- reached peak, he loved out than her now and drank sanity off prior home come, he’d kick in way- that and hurtful weave- Alice for most wouldn’t bit batter’ merely hid- sometimes days. “This wasn’t childhood- had began discharge blood then” her isolation brought porridge close and was a week carried status favorite as many acquaint with- forth it every, this- after Jude death and after still- Alice dwelled on- seclusion.

To self- bothered friends- similar sought, wander hills and fishes hunt, candid and strong- she’ll order round and followed until one time she fell from cliff, she had told- I find woods and screamed even on return, was moment self lost grip and end she got- down cliff, I on with purpose and built shed meant- was here comfort dwelt- in night sneak there where sky dwelled- amid stars converse- breeze cuddling knew. Had down- home in mist stomach and sun set brought in continually, once thro found rope Alice neck hug- a note gave- wherein map curse- was two moons- remember when Jude passed- I returned cliff and left hanging still- here dwelt until squall swallowed shed mine.

Return- found home taken, was bush and rust invaders; bush over Jude and Alice chamber- rest by other side- and inn- rats, webs and others- apartment had. Bulbs out light and clock- 1:05 always, now outgrew clothes mine and noticed bosom leak open- Alice dresses appraise, always loved them- always fit on her, one after other wore all and transferred dust on mirror to her nuptial gown. I’ll work around house and toss feet, had hair blackened around eye and skin tuned- was strange sort off- the feeling yet her jewelries stood perfect on neck and wrist and her shoes were made leg mine- this wear away the strangeness. Her jewelries bothering neck and gown fit in, I gleam curtain memories.

Fortune knew sister, tender age-had role mother gift over, and brought- her nook- where met Jude, was glance mine first got and had approached self before her- she was with another. I winked- as he spoke, movement lips, tongue and other fantasies beneath- took listening and reasoning from- had consent gave this- for thought wanted taste lips beneath thighs- was nervous- soon came Alice- who took gaze from-I’d walk his sight and dwell glance- hoping sees pleasure may well miss if took Alice- yet got no attend as tarried on with sister- well came and blithe wore at their relationship- to be maid girl, role of pretense- of displeasure veiling perfectly played.

Hatred could endure not vein- wasn’t while- I over came and let be- before while- had grand plan on punishment to bestow- but heaven mercy took veil and drowned soon Alice. Was potion strength deplete- time weakened her and forth weariness atop Jude- latter conquered, and sunk in liquor. Wasn’t intent, in good conscience- hadn’t desire he sunk- thought he’d find and fulfill self in me while Alice acquaint those made only her presence- of futility- bothered company neighbors and in course- Jude end.

Loved Alice now as loss grew; Jude cared little and departs promise- better worse, his last night- he hit Alice, dragged her from room and threatened murder. The marriage was at infancy- yet crawling, I bothered at sight Alice pain, she’d stare even as blood drew her nose- she needed escape knew, coming morning- had serve meal his table- wasn’t long Jude ate, frothy saliva knew his chins- shook to cold while mop suspicion.

She also was cold and Jude passing drew her further in- I couldn’t save and had resort cliff- for sight her remind deeds, knowing was act that gave her detach and created unreal- it burdened heart and sought escape, the shed served well and was perfect if was alone- was want that put hands on friend down cliff. Alice now frail and needed escape as well, torment dwelled as green within her veins, bothered hard reach her life and end gently- had rope her neck and rang alarm.

Lonely and smelt death still- had prints Alice and Jude over yet- this home- was whirl and shadows round and soon returned shed over cliff. Here was calm until swoosh wind came slowly and wreck gave- this brought back here- where saw new dwellers hijack apartment and Alice note where mapped curse.

Wealth gathered- met street and got lodge to rest self, life ahead pictured. Here of only bed, unpainted walls and tired doors- had bathe and lured slumber- was with book did- yet sleep elude, the heat beginning on more severely forth conscious need air- and brought stroll- breezy night led a floor house- here thirst robbed tongue and lured drink get- was a bottle remembered and slight memory rave. Next moment strange- was exhausted and caught glimpse riches- bed dipped in as if water and smell of paint rent round, on table were and in moment hysteria caught heart.

Where was- strange, perhaps dream yet was curious along- this dream- a dream future picture, I well along played- as meander through mansion- exploiting beck and call, had warm bathe and was led- a table where beckoned strangeness, sat other end as bob this strange figure- a gentleman who smiled courteously and bothered well being “Where learnt dance so well” he asked as reality hopped in and required little connection- I picked pieces- and knew this offspring of liquor that batter reason previous night- became quite uncomfortable as expected proper one and requested a go my lodge. He apologized for no known reason and bid be horses’ mine- this, I didn’t refuse nor rejoiced over but somewhat within heart, a leap of sought rung.

The discomfort in lodge grew suddenly most obvious and I’d preferred in heart, a gesture to invite- as if heard, he requested along come- of several rooms- from which could till purpose done. I smiled all within; he gathered belongings and brought comfort. In heat day, spoke at length about interest and of- many were similar. He claims sort like connection with and dinner would request I be escort on vacation, I came know seas and beauties creations and none was a wonder as himself. I got drunk more often and slept in his arms, his way of holding, of staring and of speaking- loved.

Wasn’t long he ventured subject marriage- in circumstances faultless, was grand and occurred in grace moon. Now in this little time- giggle passed all had before meeting him, was splendent he made into. Carved in his wealth, he exhausted all surprises even boredom. This surprise came- similar was- like what happened with favorite porridge, how acquaint stole value. Job didn’t deserve same fate and it was soon I withdrew from him; fret him came after, wouldn’t let yet demanded presence persist and forced to places that once- dream was but now nightmare status. He bothered so well to please and it irked me still- all the spree and others.

Some nights, was other extreme- gentle manner, he’d force self upon, flesh his disgusted and his breath reek unpleasant- didn’t say him- that weary came of his spree- noticed sometimes the displeasure masked in smile, he’d ask what wanted, I spoke not, within- escape was from duty him and inability- caused upset within and was entrance to end, was nails he cut and robes mine washed, he’d food mine make and guard from biting flies- his attention was thorn- my vein and more- escape sought.

With mask pretense- trotter on, knew essence other form to on enjoy- path seem blurred- what he be flower? Then when weary know, shall suck nutrient- then when weary know, shall make powder-essence other form help draw plot and was this that hung my glance.

He bought still, food made- caressed feet and made feed pigeons- paint got, smile sought, knew truth- grasp unhappiness beneath cloak- “perhaps children” said, fear gripped, how could he children bring and In aloneness gleamed still escape- brighter.

One morning- wasn’t by side- alarmed round came along, questions came- and I told of dream he be having, just where law stood- was frothy saliva, gently cover sought as feet erase- that day began search Job Reil, my husband’ who night before slept by side. In grieve- had home apart rent- as help home- sent, riches come be favorite porridge, also beauty- was this- other companies abode rooms- spiders sprawl webs, rats- to & fro, birds nest near roof, iron- rust choose, roof- leak and dust realm, wind- way knew and sun windows- all let will and let mine.

Rose, daisy forth that earth- each morning water gave in hope reach along, know he blooms still as seen amid rose and daisy. About them - like nurturing babies- innocent, conscious then revolt. Rose and daisy- indifferent- named from mood, enthused by characters endured in readings. Rose- shy one is’ couple at suns warm and dim at gentlest caress of breeze- was rose who did. Daisy dissimilar- style linger, dance, twinkle- colorful preferred touch. Both gave life purpose, to feed each morning- bathe and tidy. To bleeding heart- guard need less and was before rose and daisy. They all sprouted in deeds and gleam still atop- home Job Reil.

There beneath head cushion- Alice note- mapped curse and calls sentence- rose, daisy and on- shall submit as done when whispered Job sentence, their beauty bothers thought.

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