VN 52nd Musketeer Challenge for March, 2015.

a writing by Denis Barter

Baton Holder for March! Well I’ll be blowed! That sounds better than ‘gob-smacked!’ as they say in the UK. (Something heard and learnt after I left the Island!)

Cor blimey fellow poets, Bit of a surprise but I am truly honoured to be asked! Something other than an Acrostic, this time methinks, but they’re not ruled out either! Something that will get your little grey cells working and prove to all, you are (as expected) competent and vocal!

Having set my thinking cap firmly on my head, I’m hoping my challenge will have the VN Membership sitting down and scratching their heads, before flooding the site with their thoughts! Let the world see what you can write? How about seeing what you can do with the following? (Maybe a few ‘funnies’ wouldn’t come amiss?)

Let the world see what our esteemed VN membership can do with the following?

“Without I write, I would remain dumb!”

A paraphrasing of a 'Quote" I read someplace - unfortunately I can't remember the source, but if anyone can tell me, what famous writer commented along these lines? I'd be most happy to be told!

So get down to either writing, or remain silent! The choice is yours. Ciao Rhymer aka Denis.

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