a writing by Gannet_Mololeki Mkhungo

The shelter in me for me and others

I have a very sensitive sport for my self, would
never hurt my self on purpose but by a big mistake,
I want everything in a gold plate for me. I put my
needs first and think about how am I going to
benefit on each direction or choice I take.

I have love for others but will always protect my self
from harm that I can come across from others, I
wish we could think of others equal as we think for
our selves wish them good as we do on our selves,
the world would be a better place.

In every person you lay your eyes on just take your
self and imagine if it was you in that position, lets
take some one who sleeps in the streets and eat in
the garbage bin and for a second think of the food
you waist, clothes that you have and don't need
them anymore think of that expensive phone your
about to buy while your busy complaining with the
current one, think of the food that you say you
don't like, when some one is wishing to at least find
something rotten to eat after 4days of an empty

Life is hard appreciate what you have and thank
God your able to survive and find shelter while
others are facing heavy storms, rains and coldness
out side while your busy mooning about that jean
costing R1500 wouldn't that be enough for some
one to survive for the whole month?
Lets appreciate what we have at the moment,
because we know someone is wishing to have so
less than what you have, lets take care of our selves
while we ask to God to provide a better life to us all
as humans

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