A fearful journey in life

a writing by Gannet_Mololeki Mkhungo

A fearful journey in life...

The tears that I cry inside for you, I feel like I know
you , I feel like I've met you before, I feel like I've
been in your journey...

I cry deep down in my heart when I see you, so left
out as if you are no one yet your a living human
being like me. I'm wondering what have you done
wrong to be in thise situation. Am I living my life
this way because I'm better than you ? Why do I
have proper shelter to cover me and still complain ?
I eat proper food but still complain that it's not
cooked properly or I just not like the meal I'm
having today. I wear guess jeans, Levis T-shirt, Nike
sneakers , a golden watch, all together costing
around R4000 but still complain about that R1500
baseball jacket . I choose what I want but I never
get enough, it's the Greediness in me. Now I'm
sitting here wondering what if I was to wear your
shoes and take your journey will I survive? You live
no where with no shelter, exposed to every heavy
storms with floods and rain while I cover my self
with a worm blanket in a worm room. You go
around looking inside trash cans for something to
eat you still never complain that it's not cooked
properly or its not what you like to eat, you don't
have a chance to choose your meal but you just eat
what ever you come across too, I wear expensive
clothes that cost in such a way you could be able to
survive for several months eating healthy food and
provide shelter for your self.

I know some of you had a choice in life and took a
wrong path and now you surfer because you took
the wrong direction in life, but still your a human
being you deserve better. Some of you had no
where to go, no one to turn to so they had no
choice but to be a street kid.

I'm hurt mybe one day
I will have kids struggle and pass away living
nothing for my kids behind is this the life they will
live if I fail? Is it suppose to be thise way? I'm scared
of life. And I'm hurting to see a human kind surfer,
while I'm busy complaining about what I have when
someone has nothing at all.
I wish someday thise world would be a better place
for me and you.

If so, where is my sympathy?

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