The Pope' He Came By

a writing by Adeosun Olamide Ayo

This is our pope, the Vicar of Christ, the head of our church, our father. This pope is not the pope of the righteous- he garments his vicar, robe with the rags of filth-a pope of the bad and good, the weak and strong, the sick and hale, this pope has the light of Christ that soon we shall begin to say of him- ask him- “Are you Christ? Heal me! Christ indeed has come” And when with his deeds- he touches the feet of a beggar- the beggar shall leap- jump and say “I am healed, see me- my eyes no longer cry- the pope has touched me, in my heart, see I am whole” Then the legless shall find him and ask of him- “Father, Father- make my leg grow” and the pope would hug him and pay for his prosthesis” and into the dark corners of the earth- the pope would come, feeding the poor- and they would sing- “Christ fed 5 thousand, the pope- over a million’’, then the pope would turn and silence them- Christ fed you, obey his words, repent your sins, love your neighbors, cherish life, it is sacred” and much the pope said, yes our pope, the vicar of Christ, the head of our church, our father.

There is’ our pope, he prays- ‘’Miseries are not your creations O God; but you have allowed it, please have mercy upon us and disallow it. Save us lord, from the devils nature we are robed in-, we have received your love, the death of your son, slain for you, for His blood to cleanse your angst- and for this we are grateful- but there are more we must ask, more- that you see the suffering that troubles the souls of your creations, our afflictions, the misery we are holed in, we know that with your will- you can bring us peace, tame the demons that roars in all of us- we appeal to you God today- to protect us from the devils afflictions or still plea on our behalf to him- that he tender mercy- this we ask, your creation, servants in Christ your son name. Amen.”
This is our pope, he begins- “ I am sad, the man should seat and the woman should stand- I speak to the men, I have come to you, to you Son- I see your wives, in their veils, their scarves for their scars- the bangles covering their slit wrist, Hear, hear this moment- Gods words! The man shall be the woman’s companion as the woman has been to him!- I let you be companion of your woman, her helpmate- as she shall to you; listen to her silence, wails, whispers, snores- He has made ye- to soothe her, He made you stronger to be her shield, you are her protector”
There is’ our pope, he prays- ‘’Our prayers come to you because we believe- you have power over the elements of the universe- over the rain, the wind, over all- but what has happened O lord, what may we have done, deserving, deserving- that the wind should tempest so much and cause tears to rain? Many already are homeless today, many bodies missing- we pray for strength- Lord because we believe you can give us, we hope you haven’t lost it”.
This is our pope, he begins- ‘’We disobeyed God and he has abandoned us, when He left us- we were instructed to cultivate the earth, till it for resources, we must begin to understand, more than ever before- that we are alone’ alone and God maybe just there, He too needing our help- for the few of us- that survived- without homes at the moment, you are welcome to share my room- We shall make trees tomorrow, we shall build shields- to protect us- to protect us from the storm.

This is our pope, he prays- “I come to incite you, to the realization of who you are- I pray I help God as I speak to this gathering of kings, slaves, white, blacks, untouchables- that we remember that he that gains by sword should die from it-“
There is’ our pope, he mounts. Hear him, he says to us “Our God made thee, pleasant, good, and beautiful- to be kings, princes, princess over his wonders, Our God didn’t make slaves, slavers, serfs, chiefs, colonies, colonizers-. The Lord made the earth and the riches thereof yours, mine- at your taking- not theirs, but yours- God did not make you my friend- to be his laborer, slaves, peasants, beggar, or to cause you homeless- no’ he made all equal- and though we have been made unequal even by birth- but this can change if we want- if our values can alter, if we begin to see others as us, treat all- as you, let others children be yours- everyone to be everyone’s sibling- you have heard- there must be a man in the gutter, a man in the mines and a man in the throne’ but I say to you- the man in the gutter, the man in the mines can also be the man in the throne”.
There is’ our pope, he mounts. Hear him, he says to us ‘’ what differs us from God? The truth- all of us can be gods, all of us can be Christ, all of us can be Mohammed- when we learn that being him is not in detail of persons but of ways- that Christ is a way- not a person, that Mohammed is a way- not a person’ that the devil is a way- not a person and that God is a way than a being. The ways bear their inadequacies- and it is in our godly nature- to mend the inadequacies, to bend the paths to lead to bliss- we would gather the teachings of the prophets, their greatest- pick from the plains of Buddha, the teachings of Prophet Mohammed, pick the best- patterned with that of Christ and make for ourselves- this way- this new way- away from exploitations, subjugation, please peace, please silence…”
There is’ our pope, shielded, barricaded- the congregants screaming- “He is the anti-Christ, stone him!-

Then, will- the gatherings, teachings- “beware of this man, this pope- who takes the burden of the weary, shelters the sick- beware' for so thus the anti Christ does, see in his mien, the devil too can appear in light’’-, and so was the teachings, the teachings in the street- and much was the hatred- that the sick man had strength to stone the Pope or those who spoke of him a good- and much was it- that the beggars touched by the pope were lit, torched- considered infected,- and the street roared and raved- hungry for this pope- this pope that was a pope of the poor- and the street did- while the rich smiled- till this pope was no more.

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