The Positive Importance of Paranoia

a writing by James Pluis

The Positive Importance of Paranoia

Upon cresting any hill-top… Scanning the horizon… What MUST be most-apparent or most-OBVIOUS, (due-to genetic-programming), are the archetypal signs of “danger”- predators or enemies, the signs of natural-disaster, (fire, storm etc.), the whiff of decay, death, poison or pollution in the air… the trails of blood, the unattended-handbag…

Why-then, should some-one feel surprised, awkward, fearful-even… when stepping-into the first-frontiers of an awakened “Sixth-Sense”, that “All this new-gift is giving them…”, is Anxiety, and Foreboding… Paranoia…!?

Upon reaching the intense heights, (/depths!?), of Paranoia… And, then, (after nothing significant/harmful even happens), one finally becomes aware of the fact that this is a generations-long development, or accumulation, of what we call: “Survival-instinct”.

… Then… What most people will-find, is-that: “Not-only is there NO signs of clear and present-danger, but THERE-IS, a WELL, of freshly delivered, totally-pure rain-water, a vast, un-ending growth of precious-grain, AND, a long-lost friend… one who’s haunted your dreams SO persistently of-late…
In-most cases, paranoia is simply a sign that one has reached a new crest of awareness, where-one is suddenly-capable of fore-seeing all possible futures…

It is merely our own mortality, therefore, instinct to survive, (/propagate-even), that makes us PAINFULLY-aware, of any-and-all, potentials for harm…

Thank-you all.

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