A New Website as a Christmas Gift to Writers

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Merry Christmas!

A lot of people in the world have believed that a little baby named Jesus was born over 2000 years ago. This story is the basis for Christianity.

The belief in this baby's celebrated birthday has inspired many people throughout history to do good things for others...many of your descendants did good things in the name of Christianity and that has protected your place in the earth today.

To celebrate this great day, we offer a gift of a new website framework to our wonderful authors who make this writing engine roar.

Bless all of your hearts for what you are doing for others and if you read this, go and do something good for somebody just because you read this article.

This is just a new beginning. We will be adding new features to the site on a regular schedule.

Happy Holidays from the VoicesNet Team

ps we have removed the rating system to rate new poems and will be adding it back in to the site in coming weeks.

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