There is no Site Policy on Duplicate Titles - Please Read

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We do take plagiarism seriously but we do not have any policy that covers duplicate titles and titles are not considered a part of plagiarism, in general, as we understand legal matters.

We do not have any policy that covers duplicate titles. We haven't since our inception. We would be interested if any other writing sites that have duplicate title policies.

Titles generally are not part of a copyright for a writing. There are a few exceptions.

So right now, if you want to write a post of any kind at VoicesNet, if it meets all other site requirements, you can title it anything that you want. In fact, we even have a member run contest that encourages duplicate titles.

Here are some title stats from our database:

281,922 total submissions

117,627 (41%) writings with duplicate titles to other writings of other authors in our database.

164,295 (about 59%) are unique titles

So when you post on our site there is an almost 1 in 2 chance that your title will have already been used in our database.

Obviously the more words that you use, the more chance there is of a duplicate.

So we would guess that when you post a submission on the Internet in general that the odds that your title is a duplicate must go up to something like 70%.

Also, no one should be accusing anybody of plagiarism on the site. If you have an inquiry, send it to the support email at There are people that take care of these matters. We will make this more clear in the site guidelines.

Thank you for reading this.

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