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Hello Animal Lovers:

Just letting you know, I am a helper of the animals, shelter animal volunteer, animal welfare activist and poet / author of animals and nature topics.

Some of my poems / writings may make fun of animals, but in the sense of displaying human emotions and behaviors through the animals. I am not degrading the animals.

In George Orwell's book, "Animal Farm" the animals took on human behaviors and the author projected the human voice through animals.

My writings are not to put down or make fun of Gods, Goddesses or cultures or religions. In a few of my poems I had animals drinking alcohol and dancing, etc. Some animals are farm animals such as cows. None of my poems are to make fun of religion. My poems use the human voice through animals, to get people's attention. Some of my poems use animals to display humor, animal abuse, and animal / social problems.

In reality, Jumbo the elephant, a famous circus elephant of the past, was given alcohol (whiskey) by his trainer and the elephant suffered from temper tantrums. I don't believe in giving alcohol to animals.

Please accept my poetry as a voice from humans, expressed through animals, for fun. I never intended to make fun of the animals to degrade or insult anyone. I believe in freedom of religion and freedom of speech, as long as it does not harm anyone. My writing is for entertainment purposes.

sincerely, Kevin Rottweiler / author / poet

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