Pre Riddle Check!!!

a writing by Rufus Brughs

Hola amigos!
This is a Riddle to warm up the spirit towards my fourth riddle for this month.
So the Like-Minds of; Eddie, Betty, Sucheta, Nishu, and so on, should not bring their A-game but to put on their glove to make a warm up, as they crack this riddle. Others are much invited please :).

Here we go:


I'm half seated on this couch
In the ivory room; staring at
The palm tree; dancing her branches
To the wind as I sit thru' the window

Words fails to crawl in my mind
To establish the thought
Which serenade my pen to action
As I sit to write; seize my thought

I tried the music play
I tried to sing slay
I even tried hum, to humour the words
And still to steel it seize to display

'Twas like dragging the desert sand
To fill in the ocean.
Should I cane the absence of my thought
Or tease it: to flow like waterfall!

In one word: the author's predicament described in this poem, "No Ice In The Snowflakes" is..........?

Good-luck and break a leg guys :).

Rufus Brughs

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