Rufus Riddle No. 6

a writing by Rufus Brughs

Hey dear friends, as usual my riddles are for fun. So if you pass by and you want to take a swing at it, please do with full strength :).

This is Riddle No. 6, to win this you have to be a following to America's Hip Pop Music!

Here is goes:

It all comes down to this,
I miss you more than kiss,
I won't lie that I'm feeling this,
You don't know that I'm missing this.

I'm so dope; I must to be,
it's too much to hold on to this,
I can't say no more than this,
I just hope your heart will hear me now...

Who spit this words? Easy right!

I will like to appreciate and recognise the presence of my fellow Poets:

Edwin Jepson, UK, for winning Riddle No. 3
Westly Shaw, USA, for winning Riddle No. 4
Dwayne Rankin, USA, for winning Riddle No. 5

Remember CLUES are open to all!

Good luck guys!
Rufus x.

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