Rufus Riddle No. 7

a writing by Rufus Brughs

Hey dear friends, as usual my riddles are for fun. So if you pass by and you want to take a swing at it, please do with full strength :).

This is Riddle No. 7; Let's see how SMART you are!

Here it goes:

Words are the most unimaginable
Things on this planet.
They come in beauty, and other times
They appear ugly to the eyes.
This word though proves stubborn
To come forth, so I wait...
Although, an old man once said:
"If the night is proving stubborn,
...the day will be cooperative."

According to the author, the word he was hoping to come forth is _________?

I will like to appreciate and recognise the presence of my fellow Poets:

Edwin Jepson, UK, for winning Riddle No. 3
Westly Shaw, USA, for winning Riddle No. 4
Dwayne Rankin, USA, for winning Riddle No. 5

(Note: Riddle 1, 2, & 6 had No Winner).

Remember CLUES are open to all!

Good luck guys!
Rufus x.

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