Rufus Riddle No. 8

a writing by Rufus Brughs

Hey dear friends, I'm happy to be on my 8th Riddle for it has been a great sport to me and very much so to all who have taken part in the Rufus Riddle. And ironically we can say of the opinion to Sir Tobias's Title Challenge that too much knowledge is not a dangerous thing! ;)
Thank you to everyone who has been a support to the Rufus Riddle, I hope this may continue to foster friendship across ponds. Fondest x

This is Riddle No. 8!

As usual my riddles are for fun. So if you pass by and you want to take a swing at it, please do with full strength :).

Let's see how SMART you are!

Here it goes:

"I speaketh not death
'Cus she has no hold on me.
But I liveth for the prosperity
Of all good things my heart desireth
And if I faileth to this course
Then I have conjure death
To my presence;
To live as I drown."

Who was the author speaking of?

I will like to appreciate and recognise the WINNERS of Rufus Riddle so far (chronological order):

#1 Rufus Riddle - Nil
#2 Rufus Riddle - Nil
#3 Rufus Riddle - Edwin Jepson, UK.
#4 Rufus Riddle - Westly Shaw, USA.
#5 Rufus Riddle - Dwayne Rankin, USA.
#6 Rufus Riddle - Nil
#7 Rufus Riddle - Sucheta Dutta, India.

Remember CLUES are open to all!

Good luck!
Rufus x

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