Rufus Riddle No. 9

a writing by Rufus Brughs

Hey dear friends, as usual my riddles are for fun. So if you pass by and you want to take a swing at it, please do with full strength :).

This is Riddle No. 9: Let's see how SMART you are!

Here it goes:

"We all make mistakes along the way,
Doing bad roles that made this gay,
For we try to get up despite the pain;
As we never wanted thus, but to gain.
Although, comes to this time and a day;
It all pours in our memories like the rain,
And if lingering not; we stood as to slain!"

What is the above poem talking about?

HINT: This Riddle is of the mind; so how functioning is your mind ?!

I will like to appreciate and recognise the WINNERS of Rufus Riddle so far (chronological order):

#1 Rufus Riddle - Nil
#2 Rufus Riddle - Nil
#3 Rufus Riddle - Edwin Jepson, UK.
#4 Rufus Riddle - Westly Shaw, USA.
#5 Rufus Riddle - Dwayne Rankin, USA.
#6 Rufus Riddle - Nil
#7 Rufus Riddle - Sucheta Dutta, India.
#8 Rufus Riddle - Priyanka Dhull, India.

Remember CLUES are open to all!

Good luck!
Rufus x

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