April Morning Observation.

a writing by Denis Barter

Spring 2016?

It’s Spring, or so the calendar would have us believe, but I have serious doubts! We awoke this April morning to find snow had descended upon our land, yet again, and again Spring work has to be put on hold. The weather experts forecast, for more of the same this week, and many of us are beginning to wonder if Mother Nature is travelling the same path as she followed last year?

Being one who keeps a daily dairy, recording weather conditions, daily events and our mundane tasks, interspersed with notable world events, which become more serious in nature, these past years, although age begins to exert restrictions upon me, and a much slower pace of life, is mine to follow! The Spring of 2015 was notable for its late arrival, and it would appear we are presently on course to travel that same road. Not something we will enjoy or appreciate as it was a prolonged winter period that left us wondering if Spring would ever arrive? It did, but it was almost May before we could safely say, Spring has sprung!.

We often hear others speak of the milder winter, from which we’re supposedly emerging, but it was a winter that was full of contradictions! Snowfalls were, for the most part, less in number, but some were heavy for us. The amounts received, depended more upon the region in which one lives! Yes the bitter cold spells, were short lived comparted with what we normally expect, which was a blessing, but then we had copious amounts of rain, and a couple of ice storms - light compared with some of the previous disastrous storms we‘ve suffered, but nonetheless, ice storms, no matter how light they might seem to be, when compared with previous onslaughts Mother Nature has delivered, they are still ice storms, and always wreak havoc and wreak severe damage on the neighbourhoods affected!

Living in the Central South Eastern area of Ontario, Canada, as we do, we were spared the worst of Nature’s anger, but those unfortunate to suffer the full fury and wrath of Winter, were severely affected, with consequent damage to homes and natural habitation, Trees in their thousands, were damaged severely, and the full extent of such damage, will not be known until Spring -finally -arrives, and we see how many torn limbs, and downed trees, litter the woods!

I sometimes wonder whether we have lost our ability to read weather signs as did our ancestors, or when compared with our wildlife? Do the birds, who are strangely late in returning to date this year, understand the vagaries of the winter, and delay their return because they know severe snowstorms are not done with us yet? It’s strangely quiet to date, and birds are a rarity. Even the normally returning flocks of Canadian Geese and Grackles, are only now beginning to put in a limited appearance, and Robins which are invariably one of the earliest birds seen, have only been spotted occasionally! No signs of the Cocks fighting for the best nesting spots, as we would normally expect to see and hear!

Personally I think we should pay more attention to Nature and the signs they offer us, as some of us have witnessed before, and pay less attention to the technical “buffoons” who study their marvellous instruments, before telling us, what we can (all too often, wrongly) expect, whereas, many of us can look outside, and simply watch for a few minutes. Getting the ‘feel’ of atmospheric conditions: study the sky and listen to the distant sounds, and know exactly what to expect tomorrow! Folklore seldom stands in the shadow of weather forecasting machines when it comes to understanding such matters!

Based on observations over the years, such folks are rarely wrong. Like myself, having lived with Nature all their life, one gets to know instinctively, what the morrow brings! A Sunday morning observation I thought to share with you. Regards. Rhymer.

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