May 1st,2016- Mother’s Day Blog.

a writing by Denis Barter

It’s been a week when finally, or so we presume, the Season we call Spring, has reappeared. Yes, we had thought it had arrived here earlier, but Mother Nature decided it was not to be. Even when she decided it was timely to return, at first it would seem she exercised a certain reluctance in showing us her face. But who could blame her? With snow falling on the ground at the end of April and a northerly wind that defied all efforts by the southerly zephyrs, to be moved on and out of our region, it seemed - and this despite the Global Warming refrain we hear repeated so often - Spring was loathe to return.

However, employing patience, we begin to see the gentle nudging hand of Nature, slowly but surely, changing Winter’s grasp on our land, and today, it would seem, he has decamped for the high Arctic, where his return is probably welcomed with open arms. No accounting for taste is there? In his place, we are presently blessed by a light refreshing warm rain, that is helping to remove winter’s dross. These rains arrived overnight, courtesy of our generous neighbours to the South (Texas). These hve been pleasantly warmed by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

For the past week, although we have seen the sparkling diamonds of morning frost, nothing has been severe. Yes, of course, we expect to see the morning hoar frost until the end of this month. It is after all, Canada and we have long ago learned that there are few years when we can plant our flowers before the 24th day of this month, as folklore and custom oftenr eminds us! Even with the global warming trend that has taken place, still there are days when we must exercise caution and patience. Here in our country retreat, one takes into consideration both the calendar and the soil structure which, being a very sandy and rocky terrain, determines he who plants too early can much extra expense! It also determines which folks are brazen, and foolhardy enough to chance their arm against customary caution, from those who are timid and cautious to the nth degree! I fear the former has long been my way, and for the most part,it has worked to my advantage, but some years, there have been disappointments. The extra weeks of colour and growth, are regarded as an advantage by us, so we take a chance, and say to heck with the consequences, should we be proven wrong!

Presently, our garden has small pockets of colour - expected and long awaited! Due in the main to our colourful Pansies which survive despite all Winter’s efforts to annihilate them! Daffodils too have been enjoyed for the past two weeks, and some, cut and in a vase, are gracing our living room. Seems pointless in having them outside where few can seer them, whilst sitting in a vase, they can be admired at whenever we choose. Both the traditional deeper colour of Yellow, and the delicate Paper Whites are at their peak right now and for their beauty, we give thanks for their winter survival.

New growth is apparent everywhere for we have now enjoyed almost five days of truly warm - for us that is - temperatures. It has also allowed me to work at chosen chores, in shirt sleeves and lighter clothes. No shorts as yet! We’re too familiar with Nature’s fickle ways to think for one moment, that the warm weather is here, without any setbacks! Never happened yet, and I doubt this year will prove an exception. Suffice it to say we take whatever is sent our way, and enjoy every moment outside in the garden, as is possible! This blog is by way of being a little update on the year 2016 which seems to be advancing all too quickly.

To all Mothers, who may read this Blog, may we also send you a greeting for being the grand folks you are.

Ciao for now. Pauline and Denis. May 8th - Mother’s Day in North America - 2016.

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