Rufus Riddle No. 12

a writing by Rufus Brughs

Hey hey hey! As usual my riddles are for fun. So if you pass by and you want to take a swing at it, please do with full strength :).

The Rufus Riddle No. 12 will have a little twist to it: it's a riddle and a puzzle at the same time. A sample is given below:

"For the light in your beauty;
My heart fondles in red,
Very much so,
That I'm in debted to you."

Q: What is the above poetry talking about?

Now, when you study the words, you will find out it is talking about 'Love'. Not only is it talking about 'Love' but 'Love' which is the answer can be identified; a letter for each line. That is:

"for the Light in your beauty;
my heart fOndles in red,
Very much so,
that I'm in dEbted to you."

Hence, the answer of the riddle poem should also be spelt out (identify) from the riddle poem.
I hope you all understand??


This is Riddle No. 12: Let's see how SMART you are!

Here it goes:

"Spirit of grace flow thru' me,
Spirit of mercy be my light
In this time of darkness,
Strengthen me O'Lord
In your divine fullness
So that I may speak not of myself
But of you; who saved me.
In delight; I feel blessed in your presence,
So porch that I could kiss the sky
Like 'twas in my arms to prey.
Winking light, you throw shades at me
As if I was bae you admired.
...It began: remember me in all essence,
As our hearts braced in victory."

In the words of the speaker, what is the riddle poem speaking of?

( Easy right? )

HINT: In each line, an alphabet completes the answer to this riddle poem.

I will like to appreciate and recognise the WINNERS of Rufus Riddle so far (chronological order):

#1 Rufus Riddle - Nil
#2 Rufus Riddle - Nil
#3 Rufus Riddle - Edwin Jepson, UK.
#4 Rufus Riddle - Westly Shaw, USA.
#5 Rufus Riddle - Dwayne Rankin, USA.
#6 Rufus Riddle - Nil
#7 Rufus Riddle - Sucheta Dutta, India.
#8 Rufus Riddle - Priyanka Dhull, India.
#9 Rufus Riddle - Pauline Miller, UK.
#10 Rufus Riddle - William Willis, Scotland.
#11 Rufus Riddle - Nishu Mathur, India.

Remember CLUES are open to all!

Good luck!
Rufus x.

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