VoicesNet Like Feature added to poem pages

a writing by VoicesNet News

Now you can Like a fellow poet's poem and your name will appear on the poem display page for that poem. Just look for the Green Like button on the poem display page for any poem.

We will add this featrue to the document pages soon.

We have added the rudimentary V1 version of this feature and will give you tallies eventually.

This is not a Facebook like but our own VoicesNet Like syatem that you can use to support your fellow poets' efforts.

Enjoy and let us know if you find any problems using the feature.

You have to be a logged in as a member and there is no UNLIKE once a poem is liked.

There are also no notifications that go out to a poet to let them know that their poem has been liked but we will work on that.

Enjoy this nice basis change to the system to make it more fun around here than it already is.




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