elephant from zoo 2 sanctuary

a writing by Kevin Rottweiler

mumbo was a brother 2 jumbo back in the l95os. mum ate many cans of raviola and this gave him gas. not unusual 4 a big gassy elephant. but mumbo had pride and was well groomed and used 2 deodorant sticks. but one day his trainer pushed mum too far. mumbo exploded in methane and emptied the gas into the air, making his trainer sea sick. then a drum roll and all the mice left their rat holes. the mice played amazing gizzard an old chipmunk tune. they frenzied 2 the charleston and the watoosie. the woodchucks bit the trainer on his nose and refused 2 obey him. the rodents break danced and ate captain crunch until the sun came up. jumbo and mumbo moved 2 the sanctuary 4 older elephants and the mice cheered

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