The 70th Musketeers' Inspirational Challenge Title

a writing by John Starks

Dear VN Family:
I count it a privilege and an honor to facilitate the historical tradition: namely "The Musketeers' Inspirational Challenge. In this endeavor, I shall do my best. I trust that you shall enjoy the experience which shall doubtless result in wonderful poetry and a happy time. At this juncture,I thank Nancy Crossland for her leadership and guidance in the outgoing challenge: she has been well known and appreciated in our ranks for some time and has enriched this community both with her poetic contributions and her meaningful comments to neophytes and seasoned contributors alike.

With gusto,I thank the Musketeers for picking on me! Please, excuse me! I mean: picking me for this roll! They are nonpareil both in their roll function as well as in their character. They are as follows: Richard Gildea, William Willis, Edwin (Eddie) Jepson, and Keith Lombard. To their Liege Lord SIR ROY KNEALE, I give honor and peerless regard. He is held in the highest esteem by those of us who know him. Should you know him not, I gently suggest that you acquaint yourself with his work. Within that domain, his character is revealed, and your likelihood of coming to appreciate him is quite probable.

At this temporal juncture, my circumstance is moderately precarious; nonetheless, I shall do my best! Bear with me as you can.

The title for September 2016 Challenge Is "WHAT MAKES A POET SING! Let the poetics begin! I eagerly anticipate reading your poetry.

Sincerely, Your fellow poet and servant, John Starks

P.S. I give a heartfelt and special thanks to Mr. Richard Gildea for introducing me to this community in such a wonderful manner. Though no doubt inadvertent, his introductions are artistic works in and of themselves. You have given me much to reach for, Richard. I thank you, kind sir!

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