To Write or Not?

a writing by Denis Barter

(A Dissertation based on Shakespeare’s Original
well known:
“To be, or Not To Be?”)


To write or not to write?
Whether to write in rhyme or not to write at all,
is often a burning question for a would-be Poet!

Arguments Pro and Con:

Perhaps to remain silent and keep ones passions,
ideas and feelings hidden from the public domain,
is a decision we alone must make, after consideration
of all facets of all proffered pro and con persuasions.
Whether by words alone we can influence or sway others,
or do no more than give them access to our private thoughts,
should we be inclined to record them, that others might read?
We may be thought, by such disclosure, to expose egotistic bravado!
However, should they be kept private and we remain silent,
how do we persuade others to accept our inclinations?
Unto each of us, remains the ultimate decision.
Friends and circumstances may influence and direct us:
even incite us to expose our personal likes and dislikes,
but by so doing, others, such as cynics, critics and
casual followers, can ridicule or lampoon our convictions!
Permitting our every intimate thought to enter the world of literature:
is not for the faint hearted nor those who dislike exposure.
It is by dint of writing poetry or prose, we reveal our psyche,
which in turn, is subject to criticism from whomsoever
chooses to read, and we become vulnerable to those who
accept nothing but the dogmatic beliefs they themselves follow.


So saying, without we employ a degree of subterfuge,
our writing of poetry, invariably discloses our inner ‘being’
in a manner that allows any intruder to sling mud or
their vituperate arrows to ridicule and denigrate us.
On the other hand, chances are, we will offer little reprisal,
as we decline to drop to the low level of such ill informed ,
buffoons who delight in annoying the erudite, pedantic writer.
They glory in ridiculing whatever they do not understand!


Such are the perils of writing poetry in prose or rhyme.
So be warned and aware of the hazards of writing thus,
and be prepared to counter their ignorant slights
with rationale and arguments whenever you write and display
your thoughts: a scene or whatsoever comes your way?
Should you feel strongly that your opinion is sacrosanct,
or feel you must express an opinion you hold?
To write or not, is the decision you alone must make!

Rhymer. September 10th, 2016.

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