THANK YOU!!!!!!! & Acknowledgments to VN Participants in the #70th Inspirational Challenge

a writing by John Starks

The VN community is a wonderful community. It is world wide! It welcomes ALL! Such a vision by JJ is notably commendable, as it fosters good will between nations and individuals.
Firstly, I wish to thank the Musketeers, as they are integrally involved in this Tradition. They are (in random order) Eddie, Keith, William and Richard (d'Artagnan, Prothos, Athos, & Aramis) "Men at Arms" to their Liege Lord, Sir ROY. Should I have inadvertently omitted any relevant 'matter", I petition your forgiveness. I also thank the Musketeers for the opportunity of carrying The Baton. It was far more 'weighty' than they told me that it would be. Nevertheless, I labored beneath its weight, driven by one known as Birte! Once again thank you, fine gentlemen.

This #70th Inspiration Challenge (from what I could gather) was marked by alacrity and exuberance! I was not unpleasantly surprised; on the contrary, I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by the superb contributions submitted, and by the high quality of the songs. Thank you so much most gracious 'Warblers'. I learned so much from each poet who participated, and from those who wrote insightful evaluations of the submitted 'songs'.
I am grateful also to the new and very talented poets that got in the mix. WHAT A JOLLY GOOD TIME!

I thank Sir ROY KNEALE, for mentoring me, supporting me, and helping me and so many others on this great VN site. He is a wonderful, competent person and a most outstanding poet and intellectual.

As we have built and are continuing to build a great community of poets, I have composed a little sonnet to celebrate you as I close out.


I, blessed beyond capacity of thought,
Yet marvel at our reach which makes the sea
Appear, as in a cup, a spot of tea,
Which, proving good, is nigh considered naught.
I revel in a joy that I ne'er sought,
A joy traced back to serendipity,
Or else to one whose scarce-known majesty
Proves greater far than visions haply caught.
With new-found friends, therefore, I celebrate,
And wish them, on this too-brief journey, well,
Who'd call them, as I know them, 'good and great'.
It seems that love yet casts her magic spell
On those who'd dare escape the grip of fate,
Or build their 'heaven' from the kilns of 'hell!'

I herewith pass the 'Baton' to Susanne Rowell of Germany. I wish you good success in your endeavor. John

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