Why Bother To Argue?

a writing by John Starks

Our philosophical and/or spiritual 'world' is a world of polarities. These polarities are ideological in nature, thus the greatest commercial endeavor is the sale of ideas. Poets, too, sell ideas! They forthrightly, subtly, or unwittingly sell them. Even a gentle suggestion is a 'soft-sell attempt'. In my opinion, an honest salesman presents his goods, and prudently opposes another's opposition as he attempts to move that one slightly past neutrality. I, previously a book salesman, on several occasions, offered book(s), to potential customers, for a small down payment, without a specified time of payment completion. One man took me up on it and paid off his debt in less than a month, as I recall. Another man (of whom I required a penny down, which penny I offered to loan him, absent a due date, and eternity to pay) refused, begging of me, instead, a dollar for his personal vice. What am I saying? I am saying that selling may be facile, or, should one not know the makeup of a potential consumer, selling may prove impossible.

I am a purveyor of Creation, whose objects prove the domain of the scientist. My commodity may not be highly sought after; nevertheless, it has great value. I would not intentionally take advantage of anyone in this matter, but I would, by legitimate, poetic, and cogent arguments, suggest (should you be in the opposing camp) that you carefully evaluate my arguments, and carefully reconsider your own. As poetry's scope is universal, I trust that I am well within the scope of VN's permissibility. Should I not be, at the request of those who established this site, I shall desist from posting further poems of this nature. John Stuart Mill, an English philosopher, felt that real debate was indispensable to the establishment and maintenance of a free society. I, too, believe this and I hope that you do, also. May intellectual rigor, and politeness (reflecting sensitivity) characterize our interplay in this and all other matters.

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