A Red Barn in the Midwest Chapbook: 30 Country Poems

a writing by Kevin Rottweiler

Hello Voice Net Family:

I just published with Kindle Direct Publishing an e-book / chapbook. The book is $2.99 and going to be available in 13 countries. The cover design will be up and running in 72 hours. It is colorful and I am impressed with the ease of self-publishing with them. This is my 5th book project as a new author of poetry. I am also with America Star Books online, through all the popular book sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

Just want to let you know, I am no big shot or ego-manic, just a down to earth person that likes to write poetry that barely rhymes. I have another 18 books online (all free readers, Obooko, Purity Publishers), so money or fame is never a motive for me. Reading good books is what it is all about.

I am working on a Library Services certificate online, and want to work in a library. During college, I worked for 8 years in libraries; just a great quiet intellectual environment.

My favorite authors are Norman Vincent Peale and George Orwell. I like a mixture of God, animals, nature & man.

Thanks for your support as always, God Bless U.

Kevin Rottweiler / poet / author

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