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I was about eight and a half years old when I saw it for the first time. It never came out for my mom
or dad. My parents were getting worried, they thought my imagination was getting the best of me. We
were raised Catholic and every time I would see this spirit I would be shaking and crying and even
throwing up at times. So my parents brought a priest over and had the house blessed. They still didn't
know what to think of it until this one night it got so bold to swing the hallway door open so hard it put
a big hole in the wall and shook some pictures onto the floor shattering glass everywhere. My mom was
sitting in the kitchen sewing my Easter dress for school and she could see me on the couch so she knew I
couldn't have gotten up to swing the door open. She just looked at my face, she could see the fear in my
eyes. Hypnotized by terror, I couldn't move I couldn't speak I was frozen. I saw it opening the door and then back in the hallway and pushing the door so hard it shook the house. I was just under nine years old
I never had a supernatural experience like this, I didn't know what this was. A mischevious demon I
had no clue why it kept appearing before me and not my parents. After that last incident they finally knew then it was not my imagination. It was a black see through figure with glowing white eyes. It
use to go back and forth in the hallways playing with the doors it never tried to touch me. However
one night my sister had to go to the bathroom and she had to walk through the hallway to get to it.
I begged her not to go, she had never seen it before until that night, I told her it was in the hallway.
She went to the bathroom as she was coming back to the room it jumped on her back, and I could hear
it was hitting her, she couldn't speak either she was terrified. It looked see through but it had substance
of some sort because you could hear it hit my sister's back, and she had a couple bruises, During this
time my dad was starting to do some renovations to the house and adding two rooms to it. Now this
spirit only came out late at night except for this one day it came out during the day. I was in the den
with my brother and sister playing monopoly and the door started moving a little, at this time I was nine
and a half years old and it came right up to us, the dog was barking like crazy and then it was gone and I never saw it again. I don't know if it was a spirit trapped in the closet or what, my dad had to knock
out the closets to finish extending rooms to the house. But to this day when I see a door kind of moving on it's own I think of this terrifying experience when I was a child of that dark spirit invading my

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