Is That My Sun?(to play, dream, wish, love)

a writing by Myrna Margaret Martin

"Mama, it's sunny outside!"

"Is that my Sun?"

"Why yes it is." I replied.

"It's for you to play by!"

*page 1*
"Mama, it's dark outside!"

"Is that my Moon?"

"Yes it is my love." I replied.

"It's for you to dream by."

*page 2*

"Mama, it's sparkly outside."

"Are those my Star's?"

"Why yes they are." I answered.

"They are for you to wish by, my sweet."

*page 3*
"Mama, are you my Mama?"

She asked, with a sweet smile.

I replied, "Why yes I am, my love."

"Alway's and forever, will I love you."

*page 4*
Martin, Mitchel, McKenlynn....
I love you!
@7/26/09 originally written under my married name Myrna Stowell....

*@2016 revised Dec 1st, 2016
Myrna Martin

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