Consumer Beware ( Secrets of some Restaurants )

a writing by Westly Alexander Shaw

( Forewarn is Forearmed )

I been eating out a lot lately and that means trusting strangers with my food. Some restaurants there are no challenges And in others restaurants in this fast pace world it maybe questionable. If and when something happen before you even arrive that may effects you or
your family, it can put yours and your family health at risk. What you do not know can hurt you?

While out eating in fast food places no sooner then one customer leaves another sits down,
and table are sometimes left dirty. You get a napkin wash the table and chairs off, and go to
the restroom to wash your hands off. Some people, just sit down and brush the crumbs away
Is the germs really gone? Or your in the Restaurants and its cleans , and here comes the menus. You never stop to think about how many people use and touched those menus, and
most menus are, if at any time, ever wiped off.
Just think about where that menus been or how many people touched it before it even reached

Today, I'm really upset over what happen with the complimentary chips served at another table, They were picked off the table and served to another table who had no ideal this happen. Then I wondered about mine. When I called the mangers attention to this, he told me
they could not afford to waste any food, and they did this with bread also. Why throw good
food away?
After this I think I will skip all complimentary items unless I can see these foods prepared.

I ordered soup and salad and found out even if it said it was fresh, it was made yesterday,
and might of been left out. So I learned to ask the date of when what ever I order is made, is it

Next, as I was leaving I asked my waiter for a to go box, and he came with one. Just minutes
before I had been to the bathroom and notice this person did not wash his hands and now he wants to touch my food to put it in a to go box. No way! I asked to box my own.

The check came and I'm told most people never check the bill, but I tell them well I do. Three
drinks I did not order. What is this, chicken? And there is other items I never ordered.
What is this? Wrong bill ! I bring this to my waiters attention and here comes my check.
On it, is a never ordered appetizer, and I'm being charge dinner prices, instead of lunch prices. To some I may appear cheap, but to others, they understand we do not have money
to throw away or to spare.

As I was leaving and paying the check I start talking about the fact I ordered lemons for my tea
and even after asking for them I never received them. Was there a shortage in lemons ? I was told I was lucky, these lemons were cut hours ago and left out in the open, and often employees just grab some with their bare hands for there tables. What happen to the tongs I asked? They had them, but in a rush, there was no time to use them most of the time. So, next
time I will not order the lemons.

I hope my experience today, well help others and give you something to think about when
eating out.
I was told by a doctor there was no such thing in his opinion of a 24 hour flu. Its unhealthy
habits that made many customers sick and at risk.

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