There could be more then mice watching your home

a writing by Westly Alexander Shaw

its Christmas and there maybe more then mice , watching your home.
So, you will want to make your home look as live in as you can when you are away.
Ask a neighbor to park their car in your drive way, and put your trash cans in and out.
Have the post office stop your mail, and have someone pick up any newspapers or
papers left on your door.
If it snows have someone shovel the snow off driveways and walkways, And have gadgets
that turn lights and T.V., .off and on.
Many people I know who have pets pay for someone to stay in there home while there away.
Yes, it may cost more money, but saves you money in the long run with no uninvited guests
while your away.
Be safe this Holiday season, and make sure your home is too !
Making sure your lifestyle never changes while your away, will kept unwanted thief's away!
And give yourself a peace of mind!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

(P.S,) I was only at the store for one hour, and someone stole my 1,500 lbs. fountain, 800 lbs.
benches of cement, and matching table.
Please ,watch out for one another in your neighborhood. see. something strange, report it.
If its a mistake, so what, your were looking out for your neighbor, and yourself.
Nothing that is sellable is safe, no matter the size !

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