Why do we still need to learn to write in cursive in today's computer world ?

a writing by Westly Alexander Shaw

A few weeks ago I got to visit Junior Highs and High School across my state, and talk about my passion for writing. When I was done I asked each student to write and sign there name in printing and in cursive under the poems they wrote. When the poems came in, from almost ever classroom I went too, there was no cursive signature .
Was there a reason for this I wondered?
And some students could not ever print.I decided to ask and find out why, and you will be surprise at what I learned.

Many teachers, as well as students did not see a need to learn to write in cursive or to print, any longer, as everything we do is done on computers, including the poems the students just wrote for me to share with their group. The computer even signs names, so why learn how to do it yourself, I was asked?

Why do we still need to learn to print, write in cursive, even our names? Everyone knows and understands computers are the future. There was even no text books, as everything was done on the computer, even homework.

I remember my mother telling me how important it was for me to learn to print, learn cursive, even if my computer did all of it for me. So, I had to learn both, even if the schools no longer require it, and to use cursive to sign my name. I was upset, no one, not one person in my school, or I knew use it any more, this was real life, not the past.
My mother told me what happens when you must sign your name for medical care, to received mail or a packages, get a driver license, a personal check, or vote, where a cursive signature is needed?
I told her I do what doctors do and scribble something and say that my signature. She shook her head no, you will learn how to do it.

Please don't tell my mother she was right, we need to learn how to print and do cursive, even in today computer world. Just a few months ago when I went to sign up to vote, it was return to me by mail for not signing my name, and instead having printed it. I almost missed the opportunity to vote for President, something I look forward to for a very long time.
When I went to put in a person check the bank would not accept it until I signed my name.

85% of the students I visited. could not sign or even know cursive writing, which is easy to learn if you know your alphabet. It helps with fine motor skill, develops the brain, hand and eye coordination and helps with completion of all sorts of other tasks. as a write you will know me by a small black notebook I carry with me in my pocket to write thinks down I may want to write about later. Cursive to me is a lot faster then even printing, but its important in my
opinion to know how to do both.
Many young people who print their names do not know how to do cursive it was never taught to them. Look around you, and see if you too can spot someone that just prints or never writes their name because they don't know how.

I leave it up to each of my readers to decide for themselves if we still need to learn or teach young people how to print, and write in cursive? Maybe, in today's world of technology, handwriting, and printing are a thing of the past.
I hope you leave your answer or opinion, down below for me and others working with young people to read , share, and learn from.

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