Why Write?

a writing by Westly Alexander Shaw

Why Write

I visit this site often and I'm happy to say that in my opinion there is more writers on this site
then when the site first came to be. Why is that ?

I think we like to write because it makes us feel alive, and in the past, present or future where
ever we happen to be at that moment in time. It are own way we can share with others
what we see, taste, feel, touch, and hear.

Some of us write to make a name for themselves, maybe they will never be well known
as Edgar Allen Poem and others, but its fun trying. We make new friends all over the world,
and share are day ,as well as stores and poems with others that may help people who
are walking in the same shoes we have walked in. And many writers I have known from
this site have passed away, and they live on in their writing.

Writers are creators, and through their writing take others in travel to places they never
thought they ever be able to go.
They save the world by letting others know what is happening in their part of the world,
and by making us aware .
We as writers understand life's middle name is change. We are determine to keep a positive
attitude towards change and help others do so through our writing.

We write to find the meaning in life, to help others, as well as ourselves, and bring more
knowledge to the world. Writers are seizing a miracle moment.
If they miss that moment, they may miss out on the miracle they need or others need.

Writers, in my opinion are people who are a beautiful package and gift inside and out.
Its what on the inside that comes force in their writing that attracts others to them.
They see something and instead of sitting there doing nothing, they make people aware
so change can start to take place
Writers use their talents and their tools of words with care, as they understand the
power of words, that can make or break another person's day.

Through other writers on this site I know what it was like to received life through a new kidney,
to be a miner, to live in the wildness of Canada, to have a spicy meal in India, to build a
snowman, have a snowball fight, be a pastor, a mother, a father, and sometimes see things
through the eyes of a child again. And much more!
As I read I often wonder if they know how their writing has made a different to the seniors I read their words too, and the hospitals boards I post their poems on of encouragement .
These poems make a difference to others in pain, going through a day they though would
never end. I often wondered is this why a writers writes?

Why do you think people write? Please share your response with me and others below.

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