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a writing by SunnyJay Johnson

May be you can help me with something- Let us say, just for an example, a person volunteers to do something for another (person, organization, group,family or friend, etc.) that in a different setting they would have been compensated with money is that considered work? I ask because, it seems to me if you spend hours doing something you enjoy or helping others, in a manner which you must formally or informally educate yourself or learn guidelines or rules you must follow- it would be the same as someone who gets compensated for similarly doing the same things. Seriously you must agree, otherwise should you say to your boss, "I love my job," (yes, sometimes people really do) then your boss shouldn't pay you. After all, it was your pleasure.
This brings me to another question do you find it quite annoying to fill out such small spaces in text fields of on-line job applications; especially work experience? No, really? Oh my, how do you fit all the work with which you really have experience in xx number of words or less. Working is part of our life experience. We do it everyday compensated monetarily or not.
So many people are gardeners, landscapers, cooks, chefs, receptionist, bookkeepers,musicians,comedians, models (No way you say? Not me! Ah yeah, you-posting your newest fashions on social media ), typist, data entry specialist, librarians, mechanics, plumbers, caretakers, bakers, groomers, seamstress, etc. etc. etc.
knowingly or unknowingly.
Honestly, work is everywhere!
The real question is where are the jobs that have a pay scale equal to your experience?
This is why the boxes on those applications are so small, they are testing your creativity, your ingenuity, the work you are willing to put in to communicating efficiently & quickly. It is though, just a guess after all, I have no experience in the psychology or design of job application forms.
Truly, I miss the days my children's children may never know-when you could take a sign from a window and simply smile say, "I am here, willing to work!" and go from there.

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