**New Baton 74 Alert**

a writing by William Willis

A new year is upon us and a new Baton Holder will soon be crowned. The Musketeers Inspirational Title Challenge will now cross continents as it makes its way over the Atlantic Ocean.

Before the announcement I would like to thank Anna Banasiak for her excellent time at the helm, she guided the ship with the utmost of ease and The Musketeers are forever grateful.

I would also like to congratulate Anna for being the first ever Polish Baton Holder too.

Anna's "Christmas Dreams" title was very well received and brought brilliant and imaginative poetry to these pages once again.

Yes, on occasion we push the boat out for a new writer to take the wheel as Baton Holder as has happened in the past with Betty Janko, Elizabeth Trondsden etc and now Anna!

I now say a hearty "Well done
Anna!" from all who took part.

Moving on, I remember that I gave an announcement to make.

Now this writer who is about to receive The Musketeers Inspiration Challenge Baton has been something of a stalwart in recent years. His poetry is very well received and for sure he is never short of a word or two. Have I gave the game away?

So onwards the Baton goes flying Westwards from Poland and taking quite a trip......to the land of The Maple, the mounty and the snow shovels.

Ladies and gentlemen I award the Musketeers 74th Baton to our worldly wise friend Denis Barter.

Denis, the stage is now yours!

The Musketeers know you will pull a rabbit from the hat and like Anna's Challenge it will be to the utmost enjoyment of all writers.

On behalf of The Musketeers

William (Athos) x

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