My 23 birthday

a writing by Osamnia Soumia

Twenty-three years passed by swiftly. When sheglances back to her infancy, she smiles joyfully. It was the unrivalled age of innocence and placidity. At that time, everything was in blossom. Life was so munificent for it granted her a rosy-coloured and effulgent childhood. She still remembers the shrewd little girl she was. She was endowed with love, aspiration and enthusiasm. She was distinguished byan offbeat sense of humor and abiding love to school. Childhood scenes evoke many sweet memories. However, life has unobtrusively taken the wind out of her snail. Abruptly, the glamorous world started to dissipate and thereupon faded away. It was time for her to learn the bitter lessons of life. It was time for murky side of life take place. She knew many seemingly convivial people who were proven to be nothing but phoneys.
At times the ingrained morals dwindled away under the sway of temptation. She hardly noticed that she blundered into it, despite her strenuous efforts to subvert its influence. The course of her history was filled with agony and tyrannizing pain.
Albeit the strain of life, she strived to be in a good term with every creature. She never loathed, abhorred or bore grudge against vexatious, aggressive or choleric people.
Sometimes, she felt so Wally and vain for her inability to demystify the abstruse meaning of life;A life that made her seen high and low, bitter and sweet, grief and felicity.
Life was a journey that tested her tenacity and courage to the limits.
She realizes that everything happened for a reason. The snare travesty of the human character is no longer a conundrum for her.
She realizes that the past is to be buried in the cemetery of oblivion. It’s time to take off the bandage of those dirty sores.Time will surely heal the remaining scars.
I hope I will obtain her forgiveness for I charged her with perpetual tears, sorrows, tyrannous nights and misfortune.
In this glorious day she is born again in the land of hope; the like of which never seen before.
Today, and in her 23rd birthday, I want to promise her that I will nurture her spirit with love and happiness, keep peace in her soul, and endorse her most cherished dreams.
In this day, you should bid farewell to sighs of laments and the wistful smiles. You’ll no longer mope or bemoan, for the age of grief is gone.
Believe in and be yourself because you can turn any potential disaster into triumph. You are invincible and you can do the impossible.
Happiness is all what you deserve my sweet angel.
I loved, love and will always love you till the end of time.
Happy birthday to me

BY Soumia Osamnia

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