a writing by Emmanuel Ntezeyombi

Let those with ears to hear listen to the parable. Hear the riddle of a knowledgeable, educated, Vulcan, who was made captain of the star ship enterprise.

Now the star ship set off and he plotted a course for thirty years. The ship had powerful shields and a flawless manual on how to use said shields. The Vulcan being learned had studied those manuals completely, he had also practiced the stoic ways of managing your emotions. Now along the way the star ship was attacked by Klingons who had bigger ships, and were more numerous, more technically advanced, and with better manuals. Their number numbered in the thousands. They all had the same name, if you are willing to accept their name it was Legion.

Yet their firepower, however powerful, could not break the shields of the star ship enterprise. For the star ship enterprise had in this instance perfect shields. The Vulcan knew this. Yet, when the Klingons attacked he diverted power from the shields to the med bay. The Klingons would batter the ships and more numbers would enter the med bay. Until the Vulcan, diverted the power back to shields, then no more would come into the med bay, for the shields held. Despite this the Klingons went and when they came back, the Vulcan would do the same strategy, diverting power to the med bay. Only to divert it back to shields to prevent further injuries. He did this, let those who can understand, 6 times.

On the 7th time he said, wait a minute, I have an idea. How about, instead of diverting the power to the med bay only to end up putting the power back to shields, we just keep the shields up indefinitely? They haven't broken through the shields at any point! Why oh why, didn't I just keep the shields up? So the shields stayed up and Legion was frustrated. Then, ignoring that problem, the Vulcan captain went to assist the med bay, all the lives were brought back, for there was sufficient power in the med bay. It just took longer, nevertheless it could be done, because the numbers seeking help in the med bay were lessened. From then on the Vulcan passed a message to the other ships in the federation..."What are you playing at you fools? Keep your shields up."

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