a writing by Emmanuel Ntezeyombi

Hear a parable about the throne of Gondor.

Now two geeks were discussing the Lord of the Rings films. They discussed the journey. They discussed how the one ring of hate that binds all other rings corrupted everything and everyone. It’s invisible influence pierced flesh. On this they were in agreement. So too they were in agreement that the one ring had to be cast into the fire “from whence it came”. They agreed also that Frodo was the one to do this, who alone was able to take the ring, resisting the temptation to selfishly use the ring for his own will. They agreed that without Aragorn, the one destined to be king could not have done this.

Now destroying the ring was not a simple task. Indeed one of the fellowship, for a time even fell away to its power. Though he returned with zeal, and without that repenting sacrifice, when he put himself in harm’s way, even putting his life on the line, the ring could not in the end have been destroyed. Indeed Sam, one of the best of them, suffered too. And Gandalf died. Though to return because the enemy’s plans rarely succeeded. If anything, it only served to turn Gandalf the Grey who was not a threat, into Gandalf the White, who was a threat. Through fire and flame he fought him, the Balrog of Morgoth, because he was "a servant of the secret fire, wielder of the flame of Anor". You see it was never Gandalf who smote the Balrog but rather…the secret fire in which Gandalf had faith.

Now on all this they agreed. Then one geek said "wasn’t it amazing how the king won and was highly exalted in the end, who made a happy ending for all and brought love back, saving all from hate?". The other geek agreed, “that was awesome, my favourite part, in the city of light, the city of Gondor”. Then the other geek said, “ Yeah and how king Frodo was honoured as he deserved and the crown was placed on his head”. The other geek said “wait there, stop! You are mistaken, Aragorn was made king”. The other said, “You are way off. Aragorn was not worthy to wash the feet of King Frodo. Didn’t Aragorn always obediently serve Frodo from the start? Who is greater in the story, Frodo or Aragorn? Did Aragorn bear the biggest burden? Bear the fire of Mordor? The thirst? Become the centre of attack sought by the Dark Lord Sauron and the Power of Saruman the White? Moreover, didn’t in the end Aragorn acknowledge Frodo’s kingship by bowing down and saying, ‘you bow to no one’? Now who is king, the one bowing or the one standing?”. Frodo is so awesome!

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