a writing by Emmanuel Ntezeyombi

Hear the parable of the knights Templars.

There were seven well trained Knight’s Templars. All given seven gifts. All were well trained and given a set of armour. They were given each the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, as shoes they were given the gospel of peace, and they had the shield of faith, helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit which is the word of God, and a lamp called prayer.

It happens that war broke out and they were all sent out. Now one said to himself…this armour is too heavy I will just ride fast with no armour, he died on the first day and his lamp went out. The rest survived the year. Now when the war was not going the enemy’s way after a year, for all were still alive. He sent three champions to turn the tide, not to slow them down, but because they were too dangerous to keep even as prisoners being too zealous, they were to all be killed. Now three were sent, the one was Goliath, the second was Legion, and the third was similar to Loki, being easy to underestimate, being easy to ignore, seeming insignificant, and therein lied his threat, his name was Paris.

Now after the year it just so happened that they discovered that the knights Templar’s had all accepted that they were winning, all knew it. Therefore when the battle had become easy, they all were thought to have, at varying degrees, reduced their armour and relied on their own strength. So the tactic was to find the weakness in their armour. Straight away, in one day alone, four fell, two remained. For the others had dropped their shield or helmet, that was easy to see…but the other ones, they could not see what was missing, for all the armour is there for a reason. The final two were called Achilles and David.

After six years Paris had an idea, he took his horse and speedily galloped to who was at the time at least an ally, he asked Odysseus… “What do we do, help us lest we all fall to these so called disciples of love?” Odysseus grinned, Stop looking up, that’s obvious, look down, and don’t look for the significant ones, look for the small armour, target there, then he gave Paris a Bow. Upon returning Paris who until then had not even done a single thing but analysed the battle field since his arrival for years in case he needed to turn the tide. Took his spot and observing Achilles, saw the number six and Shot, first at the gospel of peace, then at the lamp of prayer. Achilles fell that day, and his lamp went out.

Then they thought it would be easy from there, Paris tried the same trick, but the gospel of peace was on. When he tried to hit the lamp, wise David had covered, protected it, in a red metallic covering. While the others were killed in a few years, one in a day, David held them all at bay for 40 years at which time King David arrived, threw them out and planted new Israel, the city of God. Yet the king was fastidious, even so he was ready to throw David out, so he asked him, “can I see your lamp, is it still on?” Seeing the lamp he embraced him, “well done good and faithful servant”, and every day he threw a banquet for David, faithful Knight of God.

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