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We all know the story, Jesus goes about here and there teaching love and peace and all sorts of fun stuff. Cool stuff. Stuff I want to do whoop whoop, wish I was there. So we know that he told his disciples follow me…now, we all know that everyone wants an early end to their shift, so Peter was like I’m game, I hate the smell of fish anyway. As for Matthew, tax collecting, for Rome, no one even likes me, and I need a holiday, sure I’ll stroll. Love dude…whoop whoop ?

But there is an alternate universe where Jesus having found eleven had not found one of them, who was a “Wild Card” and had decided to be random and let’s say, head east, keep heading east and find a badger to chase. This one only returned three years later, upon which time he discovered this person had been around and he was teaching the law and love and all sorts of awesome stuff. When he went to find out where this teacher he just knew, was the answer to his life, now was, he heard that the man was on the cross and if you wanted to hear a single commandment from him you had to rush there.

So he ran, and got to Jesus, just in time to hear, only one commandment. Only one. Before Jesus took his last breath. Jesus had nails in his wrists, his feet on a cross, there was blood, a crown of thorns on his head, he was taunted by one of the thieves on the side. He was naked, weak, all energy gone…oh my goodness he even smelt bad, oh my God the stench. When was the last time he’d had a bath? The random disciple thought Jesus retains all his glory and love even now, such wisdom, such grace, such ethics! Such that I don’t think the world will ever see again, even so I’d hate to be him right now, I think?

At that point a centurion arrived to torture Jesus. Right then Jesus looked at John, the disciple who loved him and said that one and only commandment that John would ever hear from him. “Follow me” right then, and the centurion turns and stares at John, with his hand on his sword and asks “Be my guest? Plenty of room on the back of this cross?” And the adventurous disciple said “Damn it!”.

What would you answer?

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