Relinquishing the Baton

a writing by Denis Barter

Once again another month has flown by! Seemingly on wings it went so quickly! My Challenge has brought numerous offerings for VN members to read and it was great to see the variety of responses. Some brought back memories for myself, that had special significance, as I’m sure it did for others too. This resulted in my penning my last offering for my own Challenge. Reading the various postings, one can almost tell the age of the poet/writer with the offering they posted.

My Challenge - both aspects - did however, get me wondering how many of today’s generation will enjoy the pleasure of Words their Father told them and whether they ever had the perceived or mental moment of Standing Solitary on the Shore? If what I see as a general trend taking place in today’s world, when relationships are little more than ships passing in the night - and often in troubled waters at that! One wonders if many Children will even know their fathers (names) let alone remember what they might have said? A sad situation which seems to get worse as the present generation feels they have no reason to make commitments for life. My only thought is that they will find, as they grow older - should they do so? - that missing a loving relationship, is tantamount to losing a valuable asset, you cannot replace. One which we of an older generation have and continue to enjoy - though the young will never know it!

A later poem by Kenneth Clark sums it up in a way, that I see relating to many people today, with so many of the basics missing, so it is little wonder that relationships are here and gone today! His poem, drew a poignant and clear picture of we ‘seniors’ in our ‘courting days, and how important romantic music, amongst other things, was an integral part of a courtship! As someone who has enjoyed a lasting relationship with the girl I wooed and wed, over sixty two years ago, I know music and the morals of the day, were very important. As was courtesy and good mannered behaviour! Besides which, our conduct ‘restrictions. - not that we regarded them as such - were always uppermost in our minds when we began a new relationship with an attractive girl!

But this is not intended to lecture, criticise or condemn. Each of us must do as we see fit and follow our hearts. This is little more than an ‘aside’ in my penning my thanks to all who participated in my two pronged Challenge. Thank you for your postings, as I thoroughly enjoyed my reading of them all. Certainly they allowed me and others of the VN membership, to take a peep through doors not often opened! By so doing, we learned a little of the life the writer led or is presently living, be they Senior or Youngster! Not surprisingly, we found a few gems that will endear us even more to the writer/poet who wrote and posted same!

It has been a privilege, yet again, to carry the baton and I only hope that my successor - whomsoever it might be? - will enjoy the privilege as much as I have. I admit, thanks to the numerous snow falls we’ve experienced this winter to date, (16 shovelling occasions to date and another later today!) I found it was quite challenging to keep up with the numerous postings. If perchance I missed any? Please let me know, as I would like to repair any oversights inadvertently brought about by my busy schedule.

The new baton holder will now have their moment of honour throughout the month of February., and to whomsoever it might be I wish you Bon Chance! Bring on your Challenge. Regards to one and all. Ciao Rhymer aka Denis. February 6th, 2017.

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