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Dear writers,

On behalf of The Musketeers I would like to take this opportunity to thank Canada's Denis Barter for his amazing run with the 74th Inspirational Baton. Denis gave us two titles and the poems were plentiful. Again, the titles chosen were different to anything we have had before and proved to have plenty scope to write something unique. I for one enjoyed the array of poetry that depicted these titles. Denis himself, is such an amazing man and a friend to many on this site. I will forever champion his poetry as it has given me much entertainment over the years. Denis, we salute you and a huge thanks once again.

Onwards we march towards that magic 100 th Challenge. We are now 3/4 of the way there. Phew! I find this totally astounding and it is testimony that people from different faiths, creed and general walks of life can work together as a community and do something they all enjoy. Writing poetry is the name of the game here but making friends is also very important and as we reach out to hand over The Musketeer's Baton No.75. The Musketeers again have the uppermost faith in this writer to orchestrate this challenge in her very own personable way.

Now the Baton is heading south and into the land where the name Donald Trump has split opinions, here, there and everywhere.

Yes, the Baton is heading to The United States Of America to a poetess who has already had 9999 Profile views, amassed 592 poems online already and has had 70505 views on her poetry. Now that is amazing, considering she has only been on the site for a few years.

If I can share part of her introduction to her Profile Page, she says,

"While sitting at my computer one day, listening to soothing music, and looking at photographs of beautiful landscapes, a flood of thoughts seemed to come from nowhere. I decided that, even though I had never composed any type of poetry or prose, I would put those thoughts on paper. At this late stage in my life it has become one of my favorite things to do."

It just goes to show that one can start writing poetry at any stage in ones life.

The 75th Musketeer's Inspirational Challenge Baton Holder is our lovely friend to all on Voices Net. The brilliant BETTY JANKO!

Over to you Betty, The Musketeers wish you all the very best of luck and enjoy the Challenge Experience!

Regards from the Musketeers, Keith, William, Richard & Edwin (Porthos, Athos, Aramis & d’Artagnan) “Men at Arms” to our Liege Lord, Sir Roy “AFOAOFA”

Note: - If any of our members have been away or should wish to participate for the first time, please feel welcome to do so. If you wish to read without participation, you are also most welcome.Should you wish to 'catch up' with your own unique take on previous "Titles" they are all listed below in Chronological order.Remember it’s all "Just for fun."‘Poem Titles’ submitted so far:-

(1) “You may borrow my pen but don't use my ink”-By Keith Lumbard. (UK)
(2) "A Small Lump of Clay” with “A Transient Name"- By Roy Kneale, (UK)
(3) "Whither the Wind blows, there Falls the Seed” By Jacinta Ramayah, (MALAYSIA)
(4) "You may lead my horse to water, but you can’t make him Drink” By Richard Gildea. (UK)
(5) "Though Nothing Can Bring Back the Hour of Splendour in the Grass, Of Beauty in the Flower” By Nancy Crossland, (USA)
(6) "All Cards are Marked and All Fates will Collide" By William Willis, (SCOTLAND)
(7) "The Fragrance of the Virtue Rises to the Heavens" By Dr. Sudarsan Prasad, (INDIA)
(8) "Fasten your Seatbelts, it's going to be a Bumpy Night" By Marcia Schechinger. (USA)
(9) "Two Hearts Beating As One" By Elizabeth Squires, (AUSTRALIA)
(10) "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be" By John Trent, (USA)
(11) "The no mind not thinks, no thoughts about no things" - The Buddha" By Pattra Shuwaswat, (NETHERLAND)
(12) “The Child is Father of the Man" By Dowell Oba, (NIGERIA).
(13) "The Rise and Fall of Notes" By Elizabeth Padillo Olesen,(DENMARK).
(14) "Just Give me a Cowboy/Cowgirl Poet" By MarVenea Rainwater, (USA)
(15) "Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into” By Susan Mary Burns, (IRELAND).
(16) " I may be lying in the gutter but I’m looking up at the stars” By Tony Grannell, (CHINA)
(17) "Per Ardua Ad Astra" By Pauline Miller, (UK)
(18) "A Heady bit of bungee jumping, this pride leaves you hanging alone at the end of it” By Rita Singh, (INDIA)
(19) "Too Lightly On Life's Scales Compassion Weighs" By Roy Kneale, (UK)
(20) “How Can A Bird That's Born For Joy, Sit In A Cage And Sing” By Christine Shaw, (UK)
(21) "I Hesitantly Walked Through The Portal Not Knowing What Lay Ahead" By Maggie Pollock, (SCOTLAND).
(22) Dreams aspire to reach the sky, "When Doves Fly" By Richard Gildea, (UK)
(23) "Let your life dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a the music of love, faith, trust and pixie dust.." By Nishu Mathur, (INDIA).
(24) "A Tiny Seed Of Love Was Sown" by Linda Lee, (SPAIN).
(25)"That It Will Never Come Again, Is What Makes Life So Sweet" By Edwin Jepson, (UK)
(26) "Acrostic Challenge" By Denis Barter, (CANADA)
(27) "The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of Life" By Dwayne Rankin, (USA)
(28) "Forty Two" By Andy Fardell,(UK).
(29) "Only When You Drink From The River Of Silence Shall You Indeed Sing" By Hina Firdose (INDIA).
(30) "No Man Is An Island" By Lynne Colgrave, (UK)
(31) "One Cannot Educate the Human Heart" By Marie Smith, (UK)
(32) "The Mountains of Conviction" By Dhal Bahadur Jirel "Ravi", (NEPAL)
(33) "The Man In The Arena" By Charles Sides, (USA)
(34) "Zero Covers All" By Satheesan Rangorath, (INDIA)
(35) "This Afternoon, All Clocks Went Wrong" By Michelle Klemm, (GERMANY)
(36) "Embrace the Uncertainty of Life” By Richard Gildea, (UK)
(37) "If Ever I Must Sing As Poets Have” By Matthew Bill, (USA)
(38) "If Adversity Gets the Better of You” By Milagros Gastanes, (PHILLIPINES).
(39) "The Charles A. Sides Memorial Challenge" By The Musketeers, UK (and France.)
(40) “Everyone Has A Secret” By Jean Charles Laws, (UK)
(41) "My Life, A Book Without Pages" By Taurai Mutoti Charumbria, (ZIMBABWE)
(42) “When the Sun illuminates, upon the Sapphire Skies” By Gladys Padron, (USA)
(43) D-Day" By Andy Fardell, (UK)
(44) "We build too many walls and not enough bridges" By Hsien Lou, (SOUTH AFRICA)
(45) "We're all on a journey" By Roy Kneale, (UK)
(46) "We live in times of Deep Regret" By Alan Brown, (UK).
(47) "Whom the Cap Fits, Let Him Wear It” By Samson Olajide Iyanda, (NIGERIA).
(48) "Of Scars and Stories" By Anna Urviya Hasan, (INDIA).
(49) "Traditions for my Christmas Soul" By Karyn Henry, (USA)
(50) "Hands across the Sea" By The Musketeers, UK (& France)
(51) "My Train is running at its fastest” By Reginold Ajay Jacob, (INDIA)
(52) "Without I write, I would remain dumb!” By Denis Barter,(CANADA).
(53) “Memorial for Bob Macchia” By The Musketeers, UK (& France)
(54) "Seize not my Treasure from Me, because I'm far too Great to Crawl at your Feet” By Rufus Brughs, (NIGERIA).
(55) "Out of wreckage and destruction, springs a welcome sprig of hope" By Christine Shaw, (UK)
(56) "With pen in hand, my thoughts I give” By Betty Janko, (USA.)
(57) "My page is a canvas, and my pen is a brush, as I paint with words a portrait of us" By Elizabeth Trondsen, (CANADA).
(58) "The ‘Mary Anne Shovlin’ Memorial Challenge”(58) By The Musketeers, (UK (& France.)
(59) "Light a candle, make a prayer for the lost souls;" by Peninnah ng'ang'a, (KENYA).
(60) "We all are victims and victors of our decisions, still if I could wish...." by Edorh Edeyinkor Sunday, (NIGERIA).
(61) "Tis the Season, Let us be kind to one another" - Bah Humbug! by Dawn Horner, (USA)
(62) "Did I say that's how we first met; probably not!” by Sucheta Dutta, (INDIA).
(63) "A Working Class Hero is Something to Be" by William Willis, (SCOTLAND).
(64) "Is Too Much Knowledge A Dangerous Thing?" by Tobias Kerins, (UK.)
(65) "The Narrator for the Spaces in between” by Dale Costello, (AUSTRALIA)
(66) "If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it" & "Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened." by Nishu Mathur, (INDIA).
(67) "In your room of gentle love, on that delicate round table of your kindness…" by Conrad Kruger van den Bergh, (SOUTH AFRICA)
(68) “I walk like I’ve got oil wells, pumping in my living room’’by Raghunandan Ram, (INDIA).
(69) "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on” by Nancy Crossland, (USA)
(70) "What Makes A Poet Sing"” by John Starks, (USA)
(71) "'The inner child' (its influence on our past, present and future)
Susanne Rowell. (GERMANY)
(72) "What Happened, To The Last Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back’ Kenneth Clark (U K)
(73) "Christmas Dreams" - Anna Banasiak, (POLAND)
(74) 'A Solitary Figure Standing At The Shore" / Things My Father Told Me. Denis Barter (CANADA)

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