75th Baton Challenge Acceptance

a writing by Betty Janko

First, a heartfelt thank you to the gallant Musketeers for asking me to participate once again in the Title Challenge.

My first Baton challenge was given to me after only a few months on VN, in July 2015, and it could not have been more of a surprise! Now I am being asked again! What an honor indeed. It is also an honor to follow Denis and his inspirational titles. He kept us all very busy with the many contributions, as well as the mountains of snow that kept interfering with his days. He certainly gave us a trip down memory lane, and opened up our imagination. His heartfelt responses always made us welcome into his personal world, and they were a treat! Thank you, Denis, for an inspired run dear friend!

We seem to be inundated with dark and brooding times as of late, so when I began to think of a title it came to me that we could use some positive feedback to lift our spirits in these troubled times. I for one need to remind myself of the treasured times in my life, and there have been many. I am sure that no matter how your spirits may lag, there are numerous treasured moments, or events, that may come to mind. So, with that, I give you this title:

“Yes, these are my treasures beyond compare”

It is my hope that by delving into your life, both past and present, you can find those treasures that will lift your soul and bring you peace.
I look forward to reading every one of your talented submissions.
God Bless,

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