a writing by Emmanuel Ntezeyombi

Let anyone with discerning ears to hear, hear the disco parable,

I looked and I saw a disco party, outside it was called Family. I went through the walls, I arrived inside. Some were dancing but not to the rhythm, they couldn’t find it. Some were sitting down, bored. Others were thinking about the text they had received earlier. One had opened Facebook. Then someone went up to the top and started dancing, he was a Father. I looked and his dance was head, shoulders, knees and toes. Immediately his Son went beneath the Father, at the back of his T-Shirt it said, “What I see the Father doing that I do likewise”, he too started doing head, shoulders, knees and toes, then another called Cephas Disciple got up and he too…did head, shoulders, knees, and toes. That started a chain and everyone was doing head, shoulders, knees, and toes, and people stopped texting or sitting to join in.

Sometimes the Father would change his dance, he was doing Macarena, so was the Son, so was Disciple. Pretty soon I saw that he was the Leader, everyone who joined the dance would become, a Follower. The Father being covered in disco mist, only the Son could see and follow the Father, but it was fine, one Follower followed Son, the other Follower followed the one in front. But as the chain got longer like Chinese whispers the rhythm of the Father and the Son was lost. Sometimes some were doing one dance, others another. Another Follower John, who in a chain was behind Follower Kim Walker Smith, came up with an idea, he pointed up at the Disco Screen up top, it was called Gospel 4, it was following the Son. Follower John said, let us stay on the Follower chain but follow the screen so we are all on the same timing as the Son and the Father.

Then a stuntman in full flame, dressed like Torch from Fantastic Four, flew into the disco faster than an eagle or a rushing violent wind and said with a red megaphone, put on the armour of God, head shoulders knees and toes, the armour of love and light. At the Son's request, Torch handed out a drink of red Power Aid, the Followers all drank and were strengthened. The disco came alive.

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