a writing by Louise Marie Robello

As a young child you don't know
about fear or failure, you can
escape with imagination to the
brave seas as a sailor. Toys were fun and televisions were good sitters, just living and loving you didn't know how to be
bitter. Devastation entered my life when I was in first grade, a memory so clear it just won't fade. I was raising my hand only to be ignored by my teacher
who was too busy or bored. I raised my hand and started to cry, as my under wears were soaked
while I watched my urine flow by. I ran and hid in the bathroom until my mom came to school, kids
can be bratty and cruel. At my Catholic school you always did what you were told, if you
didn't you were punished and scold. The humiliation I felt helped me to better understand what my
sister went through. Ginny had polio and would limp when she would walk, kids use to whisper
or point at her and talk. She's gone now but I know she's got my back, it was through her love I
learned courage and that's a well known fact.

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