a writing by Louise Marie Robello

Henry was in deep thought as he gazed into the sunset. The dogs were barking at the
birds and the plants have lost their perk. Then the neighbors started yelling and acting
like stupid jerks. He was oblivious to his surroundings as his medication helped ease the pain, his wife has left this life now everything has to change. Thoughts are running
rapidly and turning his brain inside out. he is hurt and feels cheated and cries and begins to shout. His grandchildren went away to school it was hard to leave their grandpa but he insisted that they do. Henry no longer hungers, this life will never be the same, without the love of his wife who carried his last name. Depression slowly
eats away at him not even leaving a morsel of hope, retirement can be beneficial but
when you're lonely it is hard to cope. The Bible holds instructions for everyone before leaving Earth, this is what Henry has lived by for years since his birth. The emptiness
that consumes him and makes him feel like he's lost, is alienating his purpose of living
to serve God who is his boss. Faith is the understanding of love and planting it in the
hearts of humanity and watching it grow, will spread grace and fulfillment to every single inch of your soul. Henry's wife use to say Christ is the foundation of the Bible
He died for our sins that's why we are living. We all should take a moment to grasp
the meaning of this and do a little more giving.

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